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Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros has emerged as an international political figure, philanthropist and a hugely successful financier. He’s been a supporter of democratic ideals and other causes beyond 30 years.

Born during the communist domination of Hungary, Soros survived the Nazi occupation and fled to England where he ended up graduating from the internationally renowned London School of Economics. Settling in the United States, George Soros founded and managed his international investment fund and accumulated a fortune.

Soros Fund Management is an American investment management firm. This firm on is the primary advisor for a family of funds dealing with international investments called the Quantum Group of Funds. Headquartered in New York City, they were established in 1969 and are noted to be the most profitable hedge funds in history. Investments in public equity, venture capital, fixed income markets; retail, transportation industries, foreign currency, commodities and private equity have provided considerable growth in the last 40 years.

According to his website, George has been an active philanthropist since 1979. The Open Society Foundation works to promote human rights, open society and transparency on He began by providing funds in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa for black students to attend University after South Africa’s apartheid era. Open Society Foundation provides grants for hand picked organizations which are invited to submit applications. Occasionally an open call will be made to the general public for organizations to solicit proposals. Individuals can be awarded fellowships, through work on a project in a field aligned within the foundation’s ideals on Attendance at affiliated universities can help individuals receive scholarships. More information on grants and fellowships, plus the possibility of applying for multiple grants are also listed within the Open Society Website, which is

Books & Essays
Author of over a dozen books as well as appearing in major newspapers, magazines with articles, essays on politics, society and economics, he has developed a large loyal following. Titles of various books at include The Soros Lectures which distills a broad overview from a lifetime of thinking on finance and capitalism. Books on globalization, capitalism, democracy are also intertwined with tomes about financial ideals and reasons for downfalls of certain system failures.

The pillar of liberal progressivism, the largest funder of the American Democratic party, George has been the ultimate counterweight since the 9-11 terrorism attack and funded the organization This site is all about Democracy in Action; petitioning for better lives in working families, getting people to take constructive action by actively making things happen in their local communities. Local communities that take action can inspire a country to take action. This effort will transpire in a world that takes action against human rights abuses or intolerance.

A Look At A Few EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS lip balm has distinguished itself in the cosmetics industry with flavors they offer to customers. They have marketed their brand to young kids, and the kids who are looking for better lip balms may gravitate to the colors and smells from the brand. EOS lip balm helps every kid enjoy their experience, and this article explains three flavors they have chosen for their customers.

#1: Honeydew

Honeydew is a simple flavor everyone will enjoy, and the flavor mimics that of the fruit. It will smell soft, and it will feel as though it is wafting over from an orchard. The kids will enjoy the soft green of the package, and the kids will share the smell with others because it is so pleasant.

#2: Blueberry

Blueberry is a fabulous flavor that kids love because they enjoy things such as blueberry muffins, and they are reminded of it when they are using the lip balm. Lip balm is incredibly important for everyone who has dry lips, and those who are searching for a better flavor may try blueberry from EOS lip balm.

#3: Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a beautiful flavor that many kids are not familiar with, and they use use it as often as possible because it helps them place a finer scent on their lips. They may share the lip balm with anyone they like, and they find it quite simple to use when they are looking for softness on a dry day. The color of the package is beautiful, and the coloring allows kids to become attached to their favorite flavor.

EOS lip balm wants kids to fall in love with the flavors they have chosen, and their lips will be quite soft once they are done with the product. The colored sphere ensures every kid feels great. EOS products are available on select stores which includes Well, Target and Amazon.

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Creating a Better World Via the Kabbalah Centre

The creation of a better world is something that motivates people all over the globe. All over the world, people want to find the way they can create a world that is better than the one they have right now. This is where many people find it useful to turn to others for help in this task. So many people realize that when they become a better person, they will in turn make the world a better place. This is something that those at the Kabbalah Centre fully understand. Their goal is to make the world a better place in every possible way. They know that each person has something to contribute to the world. This is why many people have sought their help.

Finding A Better Person

Becoming a better person is not something that many people find easy. Those here at the Centre understand that becoming a better person can take time and effort. This is why they work so hard to offer the kind of tools that people need to start this process as soon as possible. They want all those who come to them to be able to find the right kind of tools for their needs and help turn the world into a place where everyone can find meaning in their lives. This process of being a better person is a process that they adore.

Using Their Tools

It is not always readily apparent how to make a world that is better or how to turn any person into the person they truly want to be in life. Those at the Religious Centre cope with this process every single day. With their assistance, many people here have found it possible to remake many aspects of their lives from top to toe. They have tools that are easy to understand even for those who have never studied Kabbalah before. The tools they provide are tools that people can learn to apply in all areas of their lives to create a world that is theirs and one that is about becoming a better person in every possible way.

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The Beginnings Of EOS

Chap stick and Blistex used to be the go to for anyone who wanted to keep their lips hydrated. Those two dominating brands were beginning to look and feel like one trick ponies with all the evolution in beauty and cosmetics. Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller saw an opportunity in this market and decided to shake it up with their startup. Jonathan Teller had previous experience in small startups and Sanjiv Mehra had previous experience in brand packaging which gave them leverage in combining their skills and applying it to this endeavor.

The two started by putting a query in to women, specifically the millennial generation that was their target. They found that women wanted more out of a lip balm. They wanted a natural product that tasted and smelled good. They wanted easy application that didn’t involve finger application. They told the two that lip balm application was something they regularly did throughout the day. The two men set to work designing their product and the end result was the spherically shaped EOS lip balms.

Early on the two men decided to invest in their own machinery. They knew from their experience in startups that this would be a wise financial move. Cutting out the middle men allowed them to rely on themselves, their own timelines, and their budget. They were also able to churn out new flavors and packaging colors as demand picked up. It was only later on that they started investing in real marketing that would bring more attention to the brand.

They got their products into the videos of Facebook beauty bloggers, and YouTube beauty gurus. Just one video with an EOS product would land them hundreds of thousands of viewers. They also took traditional routes with beauty magazine ads and celebrity endorsements to Well promote EOS products.

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More Families Using the Securus System

There has never been a better time to check out Securus than right now because of the different services that they have implemented for prison families all over the country. Security is one of the top prison communication systems and services in the country right now and it is being used by thousands of people who would like greater control over the communication that they have with their loved ones. The prison system makes it very difficult for you to keep in touch with loved ones because of all of the security measures that are put into place and this is why it is very important for you to look into a system like this to close that Gap.


One of the great things about using Securus is the fact that everything that they Implement is safe and secure for just about anything that you are looking to achieve. They have also launched a multi-state campaign that is enabling people to keep in touch and find out more about video visitation in a secure manner. This is something that you will find to be beneficial in your life no matter how often you would like to be able to use it just by turning on your home computer or laptop and getting a chance to use the software that you have downloaded.


Using Securus has also changed my own life when a good friend of mine went to prison. I could not get to the prison because it was nowhere near located to where I was living at the time and it was something that I felt could allow us both to have greater personal connection with each other without worrying that we were not able to see each other face-to-face because of the fact that I cannot make it to the prison itself.


Sources :

Securus Technologies


Cotemar, the Best Company

Cotemar are a service company that is involved in the offshore oil sector contributing to the production of hydrocarbons, based on efficient processes, implemented with cutting edge technology and committed people.

Being a sustainable company with greater involvement in new business segments on the offshore oil market, worldwide, that will allow us to participate more and more in production processes, supported by a fleet of the latest generation, as well as with new and innovative methods of work.

We act in consistent, honest and ethical manner within and outside of our Organization, representing a living image of our values.

Cotemar are responsible for results of business, our people and community, with a solid orientation and commitment to the needs of our client.

Cotemar have the ability to learn and improve every day with a positive attitude based on respect, natural treatment and teamwork.

We continuously challenge our way of being and thinking generating more and better alternatives to create greater value for the customers and the organization.

Cotemar participated in the offshore oil sector contributing to the production of hydrocarbons, based on efficient processes, implemented with cutting edge technology and committed people.

At Cotemar, our collaborators comply with standard features and abilities to form the best team.

At COTEMAR we are committed to providing quality services to meet the expectations of our clients, always complying with international standards, legal and regulatory.

An obligation for all who they work in COTEMAR and any person who is in their facilities is to comply with the provisions established in environmental protection and pollution prevention.

We are a company committed to its customers, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders, also with the Government, the society and the competitors; that is why we have a code of ethics and conduct.

Cotemar serves as one of the finest examples of what it means to be a good company in Mexico.


Different Products Offered By Wen By Chaz Dean

Do you have children and when you are ordering items for yourself, you like to order items for them as well? If so, the Wen by Chaz Dean hair care line has products aimed for your children as well. Did you know that? Many people do not know this. If not, you might be surprised to learn about these different products.

The WEN Kids Strawberry Banana cleansing conditioner will be used to help your child’s hair become healthy once more. It will use a variety of ingredients that are considered to be less likely to cause an allergic reaction. There is no menthol in their cleansers which is ideal for sensitive heads. It will contain no rice, no wheat and of course, no soy. It will be gentle on their heads and can still clean it without all the other ingredients that other companies use.

Do you want a cleaner that is more than just a good smell? The Apple cleansing conditioner is also available to be used. It will also contain no ingredients that most people react to but instead, it will leave your hair smelling like green apples. A smell that most of us as adults can remember. It will bring back memories of when you were a child using hair products that looking back now you can now say were not the best for your hair. As adults, we now know what we should use and what we shouldn’t use. Too bad as children, we didn’t know the difference but we can teach our children to know what is good and what is not.

Wen by Chaz Dean ( has the approach to the hair care product world to make things more natural. To add more natural ingredients to our hair care line without sacrificing good smelling products. That is what people want after all isn’t it? You do not want something that is going to leave your hair feeling good but leaves it smelling bad, do you? I didn’t think so. That is why it is so important that you try the hair care products offered by Wen before switching to yet another unhealthy alternative.

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Why Companies Hire Investment Banking Advisor

Are you in need of expert help on investment matters? Considering venturing into the investment arena and need proper guidance? Perhaps you want to find a reputable firm or professional to provide advice or guidance and help you reach your goal. When it comes to choosing a reliable investment banker, Martin Lustgarten is your clear choice.

An investment banking expert handles a wide variety of clients, including assisting in mergers and acquisitions. It is also the duty of the investment banking expert to help acquire or identify financing for a new organization.
An investment banking consultant or advisor could produce financial investment model that show potential future income. It is essential to select an investment banking advisor that has good listening and communication skills.

They can also work with investment analysts in performing financial analysis such as determining the profits as well as revenues of a business and market trends within that industry.

Reputation matters a lot when it comes to deciding on a financial management or investment advisor or firm. There are many companies and professionals out there offering to help you raise capital for expansion, or to help you grow your business or portfolio of assets. But it is important to choose a company that is well known for providing excellent service.

Martin Lustgarten is a well experienced investment banker and has been rendering top quality services to clients on a wide range of issues. Martin is dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of his clients and has access to some of the most reliable professional networks in the industry. His clients include business owners, company executives, corporations, international businesses and high-profile individuals.

Martin is a trusted investment banker and acts on behalf of capitalists in the supply market. He has a world wide recognition due to his caring attitude and outstanding outcomes for his clients. Martin receives numerous reviews and comments online and people. When a company desires to increase money via the supply market, it approaches Martin and his team of experts. Martin takes the time to evaluate financial matters and investment opportunities. He only recommends opportunities that look promising.

Wen By Chaz, And Amy McClure

Amy McClure is the author of an article about the Wen by Chaz hair care product. She wrote this article in the online magazine called In the article, she tells her audience about her experience when she used the Wen by Chaz hair care product. She was very pleased with the results, because her hair was more manageable and healthy. All she did to receive the results was to use the product as it was meant to be. It did what it claimed it would for Amy.

Many Women Are Achieving Great Results When They Use The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product

They are finding that their hair is much silkier and shinier after using Wen. They love that it is so easy to use, and that it only takes one application in the shower at a time. They only want to use the Wen hair care product after they try it, and they toss out all the other products that they have accumulated over the years.


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When A Woman Purchases The Wen By Chaz Hair Care Product, She Ends Up Getting More Than One Bottle At A Time

Many women are purchasing Wen in large quantities, because they never want to run out of it. They also give some bottles away to other women that they know as gifts. All throughout the year, women love to receive the Wen by Chaz hair care product because it works so well.

Every time a woman has a great experience using the Wen by Chaz hair care product, she ends up telling other women about her experience. They are proud to tell others why their hair looks and feels so great, and this is because they use the Wen by Chaz hair care product.

Still wondering whether to try Wen hair care? Read their FAQs here.

Female Success Should be Inspiring Says Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere


The Lime Crime founder and blog curator Doe Deere does not seem to have been searching for recognition from “Self-Made” magazine, which presents an annual list of female entrepreneurs that Doe Deere has recently been added to. In response to her success as a cosmetics entrepreneur and promotion to the “Self-Made” magazine list Deere stated she was amazed to appear on the cover of the magazine alongside some of her own best loved business legends, including Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington; appearing on the list has given Doe Deere the chance to consider how she will be seen in the future and how she can inspire other women to start their own successful businesses.


The Russian born cosmetics leader has always looked to use the best options from Online to bring success to her brand, including the chance to explore the options offered by social media platforms for producing the most positive marketing options available. Interacting with her followers on social media platforms has seen Deere create her own persona as the “Queen of the Unicorns”, which the entrepreneur who was educated in fashion in New York City believes reflects the true nature of those who love and use the bold shades Lime Crime develops for their fans.

Despite the success of Lime Crime, Doe Deere still finds the time to work in the lab of the company with experts who assist in creating the latest ranges of cruelty free products. The busy daily life of the entrepreneur may have reduced the time Doe Deere personally spends exploring social media, but she still feels this is an important aspect of the marketing of the brand that plays an integral role in continuing the development of the cosmetics brand. Doe Deere has already fought back against those who told her the decision to sell makeup Online was a poor one, and proven her backing of Online marketplaces to be a correct one; the Lime Crime presence on social media is the best way Doe Deere feels the company has yet discovered for forming a close connection with customers who feel they are part of an Online community headed by Doe Deere and her ever growing cosmetics brand.  Shop LimeCrime for yourself on Doll’s Kill.

#DIAMONDCRUSHERS ✨💎🔨 Your dreams of being a fairy on acid are about to come true…

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