How Ricardo Guimarães Feels LinkedIn Helps Professionals

Ricardo Guimarães is the CEO of the BMG company, which is a banking firm located in gorgeous Brazil. In a recent news story related to Ricardo Guimarães, he talks about the importance of sites like LinkedIn for bringing in clients and even other business owners to better market your own business. LinkedIn has been around for several years now and its main purpose is to highlight the benefits of an individual or their company to ensure that they bring in the crowd that they need. Many people who are seeking employment opportunities are also using LinkedIn for its benefits and are finding it to be one of the best options for them.

Ricardo Guimarães has a long history in the banking industry and continues to be one of the top business professionals in Brazil to this day. He has a lot of education behind him as well when it comes to his profession and this is how he got his start to begin with before he began running the BMG firm. Now, Ricardo Guimarães puts most of his focus into his own company to ensure that his clients are satisfied with the investment and banking options that they have available to them.

What Ricardo Guimarães also has a passion for is helping other young and striving professionals get to where they want to be in their own life. This is a great way for individuals to learn from one of the best in Brazil and are able to then put these qualities into their own lives in order to be successful like Ricardo Guimarães happens to be. You will find a range of articles and news stories about Ricardo Guimarães, especially relating to business options and endeavors that he has taken. You will also be able to learn from a range of these articles because of the fact that Ricardo Guimarães has written them to benefit those who make use of reading them.

Now that you know how beneficial it is for you to work with LinkedIn to get noticed, you should consider making an account for yourself. Business professionals can easily make use of LinkedIn just because of the fact that it showcases all of their own qualities and lets businesses and employers find them when they are looking for viable work. Ricardo Guimarães has made it easy to see the benefits of using LinkedIn and this is why it has been such a wonderful option for both himself and others who have taken advantage of this site to get better noticed. You will find that this helps tremendously and enables you to feel confident in what you are doing and the different things you are able to achieve when you own a company.

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New Innovations For Healthy Dog Food

Chunky chicken as well as the Turkey recipe is what Thompson Richard has decided to venture into as a new innovation to improve the dog food to a more tasty a, delicious and highly flavoured meals. This CEO is very much obsessed with the production of great food for the dogs. He is also obsessed with the products that are very delicious to the dogs. He is also obsessed with the ingredients that are very delicious and fresh for manufacturing. He also uses the eschews preservatives as well as limiting the time limits meals that are sitting on the shelves for a prolonged period of time that is very unpleasant for the quality of flavor the products will have in the eventual time. Michael Hieger will pick up slices and pops of the manufactured food and taste it because he wants to ascertain the quality that the food will have after it has been put to the market for sale. He says that Beneful meals will be as a result of the thanksgiving to the work that has been done to realize the work done. We are talking about Beneful dog food. When there is an inspection from the fresh net companies that inspect the freshness of the food as well as the flavour that cranks out any type of refrigerated food for pets in the market. This is the company that is fast growing and has been ranked among the fastest growing firms and has a net worth of twenty three point seven billion dollars on Amazon. This kind of pet food is the tasty type that satisfies all customers as well as the opening of the wallets. This will set a new generation where people will be dining together with their pet at the dining room. Many companies are now blending the salmon and the Kibble to offer organic food that is very delicious. Pet food manufactures have decided to start new inventions that are geared towards improving the type of pet foods they are offering their market niche.

Incorporate Olympic Valley

The past few years have proven to be tough for Squaw Valley Resort and other partnering north shore residential areas. The drought has slowed down a lot of the moisture and snow that is needed to make the resort thrive. It’s definitely created a challenge for Andy Wirth, CEO and founder of Squaw Valley Resort. Not only has he had mother nature and the shortage of moisture to deal with, but also faced some challenges in the political world in the form of an incorporation feud. Wirth has found some relief with the arrival of an early storm, which allowed the Squaw Valley and other Tahoe resorts the opportunity to open earlier than expected. The opposing incorporation has also withdrawn their efforts from the Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth has worked hard for many years to make the Squaw Valley Resort one of he top destinations in the world for outdoor adventures and skiing. Throughout his years in the industry, he has spend many hours working in the resort world and perfecting his business skills. He is also a major supporter to many environmental organizations as well as community service businesses in the Lake Tahoe area. His goal has been to improve the overall general area for people of all ages.

After surviving a near fatal skydiving accident that truly changed his life, he has committed much of his fund raising efforts to the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation was set out to support Navy Seals and their families after they come home from active duty. Wirth wanted to find a way to honor the Navy SEALS for their service and for all they do for the people, communities and the services they do for our freedom.

Wirth wants to see the community work on transportation issues and other issues that arise in the community of Olympic Valley rather than support the incorporation. Wirth would like to hope to agree that both parties love the community and can agree on exactly what the community needs. Until then, he hopes that the division created can be repaired and that there is a chance for healing. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, Wirth would like to see the money placed towards bettering the community and providing the needs that the citizens need. His hope is that they can come together and solve this issue and move forward with business in the future.

Source: Reno-Gazette Journal

Sergio Cortes Reports On The Sale Of One Of Michael Jackson’s White Gloves

 Noticias.r7 reported a story from Michael Jackson impersonator about a recent auction of a white glove. The white glove is a common item once worn by Michael Jackson, and it became one of Michael’s signature items. This article explains how Sergio reported on the event, why it matters to Sergio and the place Sergio holds in the continuing Michael Jackson empire.

#1: Sergio Is The Best Impersonator In The World

Sergio Cortes is not a reporter who covers auctions. Sergio Cortes is one of the leading impersonators in the world, and his act revolves around his impersonation of Michael Jackson. Sergio has devoted his entire career to being like Michael Jackson, and Sergio even looks almost exactly like Michael. Sergio’s interest in memorabilia associated with Michael Jackson is a professional and personal pursuit.

#2: What Was Auctioned?

Michael Jackson wore a white glove for most of his performances, and that white glove was seen by millions of people around the world on his many tours. Michael only had a handful of gloves, and some of them were given away when tours ended. One of those gloves recently went to auction along with other items associated with Michael.

#3: Why Is The Glove Important?

The white glove is considered the holy grail of Michael Jackson memorabilia. The gloves are nearly impossible to copy because they were handmade for Michael, and only a few of them were ever released to the public. The most recent glove that was auctioned sold for $64,000. The sale price for a single glove may seem high, but it is a piece of memorabilia that has a place in the history of western music. Sergio would love to have one of Michael’s gloves himself, and he was interested to learn who would win the auction. The estimated value was only $20,000, and the glove far exceeded that price early in the bidding.

Sergio Cortes can be seen doing concerts as Michael Jackson around the world, and he holds a place of high esteem among those who are fans of Michael Jackson. Sergio chose to report on the sale of the glove when he learned that the price might be reasonable. The price quickly jumped when the glove went to auction, and other items were sold at the same auction that would please any fan of Michael. Sergio is to be commended for his incredible reporting on this event.

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Marcio Alaor Awarded For His Achievements

Marcio Alaor recently made a grand entrance to his home city of Santo Antonio. It as an event made specifically to honor this son of the soil who had just come back.
Marcio Alaor is a well-known Brazilian banker who rose from a show shine to became the vice president at Banco BMG.Marcio works with another renown banker Mr. Ricardo Guimares.
During the ceremony, Dr, Wilmar Fathers made a remarkable speech where he praised the young man for his achievements. It was an extremely honorable awards ceremony where the who is who in the city and state attended.


Marcio Alaor had a food court named after him. A plague in the town square was named after him too.It was an incredible achievement for a man who has attained such heights.


Speaking at the event, the president of the Rural Union gave a touching speech in which he said Marcio was the very definition of patriotism,


During the event, the officials of the city monitored the honor. They also made sure that everybody knew why it was important to recognize Mr. Alaor and his contributions to the city, and Brazil as a whole.


Marcio said he was touched to be awarded but his hometown.Marcio mentioned his current efforts to help the city were born out of the need to see his folks grow. He indicated he expected the food court help many improve.


Marcio has recently led the company to its recent merger with Banco Itau.It is a partnership that will see the bank provide personal loans to many Brazilians. It is a market segment that is untapped and which many are crying for the services.


Marcio is a commerce graduate from UNA.He has led BMG to have a 17-fold growth in a field that is very competitive.


Marcio also posts articles on blogs around the world. He recently said Australia is a country Brazil should look up to since it has the same climate.


Australia has maintained an average growth of 2 % in a depressed market. It is a feat that has been achieved thanks to the country having sound fiscal policies and a steady leadership. It regularly adjusts the market based on prevailing circumstances. It reduces interest rates, controls inflation and abolishes taxes for small business owners in times of global downturns.


Brazil, on the other hand, has to contend with a Socialist government with little regard for basic economics. The Dilma led administration has seen corruption cases sour and the economy is now in recession.


Marcio Alaor says BMG has over 5 million customers and 3000 branches. It also employs 50000 employees for the Bero Horizonte-based bank.

George Soros and the Stock Market


In a recent piece by, George Soros says that the current market conditions look a lot like 2008. Over a long period of time, George Soros has been right more often than he has been wrong when it comes to the economy. There are many global economic conditions that point to George Soros being a person who is right on when it comes to his latest prediction. At the start of the new year, the stock market has had its worst first week ever. Anyone who is looking to make an impact with their investing needs to listen to what George Soros has to say. Here are several data points that show George Soros may be right on the stock market.


There are many people around the world who are worried about what is going on in China. There are a lot of reports that the economic growth in China is finally starting to come to a halt. This is important for several different reasons. Over the long term, China has proven to be an important catalyst for growth across the world. There are a lot of people who assumed that China would continue to grow over a long period of time. However, there are a lot of signs that point to China slowing down both in the short term and in the long term.

George Soros

George Soros is someone who is never afraid to make a prediction on the global stock market. Over a long period of time, he has been right a lot more often than he has been wrong. If you are someone who follows the market closely, what he has to say really should matter to you. There are many market experts who are starting to be concerned that he is right on the current stock market being like 2008. This can cause a lot of fear for investors who are worried about what to do when it comes to investing. There are a lot of people who are losing a lot of money in the stock market just in the first week of the new year. George Soros says that this weakness will continue due to the slowdown in growth around the world. Investors need to pay close attention to what George Soros has to say in coming weeks as they formulate an investing strategy.

Darius Fisher’s Rise to the Top of the PR Field

When you are facing a digital reputation crisis, Darius Fisher is the man to call. As president and cofounder of Status Labs, he is a master at online reputation management, public relations, and digital marketing. In the four years since he launched his company in Austin, Texas it has grown to a staff of 30 that now has offices in Sao Paulo and New York. The company currently retains more than 1,500 clients including public figures, politicians and executives who are spread out in 35 different countries. Through his plans and determination they have also won lots of new business from leading Fortune 500 companies.
Fisher is the recipient of the Innovation 50 awarded by PRWeek. His high profile career has led to him being interviewed as well as published in notable resources like the New York Times, New York Post, Daily Beast, Business Insider, and Observer.
Prior to beginning Status Labs, Fisher was a Senior Copywriter for Agora Publishing from 2009-2011, a Political Consultant for Storefront Political Media from 2008-2009, and a Litigation Support Executive for Discovia from 2007-2008. He has also been very successful in investing, and has created numerous highly successful companies that have created amazing revenue figures totaling over $20 million. He received his bachelors degree in economics from Vanderbilt University where he graduated cum laude. He is also a volunteer entrepreneur mentor for Defy Ventures where he helps people with criminal histories repair their reputations to obtain employment.
In recent interviews he has outlined steps that anyone and everyone can take to aid in maintaining a clean reputation online. Through his interviews he makes it clear that he knows what he is doing, and there is clearly a demand for him in today’s world. Social media and the internet have such a huge impact on everyone, and Fisher has simple and precise steps to not only monitor every reputation but the know how to correct any negative things that pop up. His simple and effective method of monitoring and repairing online reputations also earned him a spot, among other leading executives, as a speaker at Impact15.

Nobilis Trending Upward

Nobilis is undoubtedly one of the top owners and operators of surgical hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in the US. The firm’s operating and management skills has enabled it to acquire many hospitals throughout the region, including Freedom Pain Hospital. Located in Arizona this facility was bought for over $3 million. Nobilis has also acquired the Plano Surgical hospital in Texas. The hospital has 26 private suites, each room has cable television and internet. It is served by nurses and doctors with years of experience, dedication and professionalism. The 45,000 square feet hospital now has a better outlook on the future, with the type of marketing expertise and vigor offered by Nobilis. This type of marketing is sought out by many surgical centers throughout the USA. Currently more than 15 centers are utilizing the vigorous marketing strategies of this health corporation, all with positive results. Nobilis believes strongly that how a patient is treated and cared for is vital to their recovery. Informing them about the medical steps that will be taken and why is important. As far as Nobilis is concerned respect and concern for the patient is a fundamental part of working in the medical field. Physicians that partner with Nobilis and their hospitals feel the same way, which allows for everything to run smoothly. Nobilis Health Corporation has performed excellent in the last few quarters. Within this quarter when many worldwide markets are down, the firm is still trending upward. Mackie Research Capital has noted this firm as being a top pick. Nobilis is corporate partner with an organization called The Pinky Swear Foundation is only one of the ways that the firm is giving back. The Pinky Swear Foundation accepts donations for children battling cancer.

Hootsuite CEO Could Learn from Status Labs

The internet is the final frontier for business, at least in the generation that we are living in. More and more we are seeing companies either rise in meteoric fashion or crash and burn thanks to how they comport themselves to the public. Hootsuite’s CEO and founder, Ryan Holmes, learned this the hard way when he took to social media after a long day of layoffs at his company. The results put Hootsuite in a panic and showcased quite clearly that there is a very real need for PR and brand management on the internet.

Layoffs are an integral, though unenjoyable, aspect to owning a business. Holmes had to lay off up to 65 employees in four of his company’s major offices around the world, including their base headquarters back in Vancouver. After the sixty five employees were let go Holmes took to Instagram and posted a photo of an alcoholic beverage while captioning it, “Cheers to my homies.” Immediately the ex-employees were upset over the photo, feeling both hurt and exploited for social media, and they were quick to let Hootsuite know how upset they were. The result was a PR crisis that could have been avoided.

Status Labs is an online brand and reputation management company that has gained traction over the past year thanks to their quick response to the Ashley Madison hacks. CEO Darius Fisher knows how important it is to keep your social media tight and he makes sure to extend this to the CEO’s and primary members of the company. Status Labs has clients all over the world and they range in terms of popularity and importance from minor web celebs all the way to major politicians. What they could have done for Ryan Holmes and Hootsuite would astound you.

Had Hootsuite hired a company like Status Labs to watch their social media then the inflammatory photo never would have made it to the internet. Instead, a PR handler would have told Holmes that the picture is wrong in tone and then something would have been revised in order to actually accurately convey the target message.

Becoming A YouTuber – Creating Quality Videos

Being able to create good videos is so important if you want for your YouTube account to flourish successfully. There are several ways you can easily do that. It all begins with your content ideas. You need to make sure that you have a basis for what you want to create. YouTubers are creative and fun people because they give people the chance to take a quick look at their lives. It’s fun to be able to create content that people want. To be a successful YouTuber, use the tips below to get started.

– Invest In A Quality Camera

The best thing to have is a DSLR that works and provides quality video resolution. There are all kinds of different cameras that may be a bit too expensive, but they are worth investing in if you want to be able to provide better quality to your videos online. DSLR’s are also not that expensive, and they can be exactly what you need to get your videos looking great.

– Simplicity

You don’t need graphics and other visual effects, and sometimes a basic video is all people want. As login as the opening video of yours looks great and simple, then it should be more than enough to get people interested in your videos. Going for a more simple and more straight froward opening is all you need, and the rest of your video could be from your webcam.

– Editing

It’s all about the editing when it comes down to YouTube videos. The right editing can make a big difference to how well your video is received by your viewers. The best thing to do is to invest in an editing software. The Apple Mac usually provides great softwares to use to create videos.

Follow along what other people are doing and make them your own. For example, Wendy Huang is not the very first YouTuber to provide great makeup and beauty ideas. Wengie’s videos are always beautifully made despite the fact that there are other YouTubers in this specific industry.

Wengie is definitely a YouTuber to keep your eye out for. She is unique, funny, witty, and always on top of her game when it comes down to her personality and ideas with makeup and beauty. Follow her if you want to gain some inspiration of what you want to do odor your videos. She’s definitely one of the best.