Unique EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Essence of Smooth, otherwise EOS as everyone calls them, is a great innovator in the lip and skin care industry. They’ve been successful with all the promotion they’ve had in music videos and have made some new lip balms for their product line. These are the really special ones that you probably won’t find people carrying around. More on their facebook.com page


Vanilla Bean Smooth Sphere Lip Balm


This is one of the newers ones that EOS have made and they even went a step further and redecorated the packaging for it. The light pink and white flowers really bring it in and it’s usually seasonal. Like the other ones, the vanilla bean is phthalate and gluten free to ensure that any skin type can use it. The gentle vanilla aroma is always the go to when it comes to this season.   Additional tips here.


Sweet Mint Sphere Lip Balm


This one is available all year round and is for those who want that sharp flavor. The light blue sphere can be used as a replacement for breath mints since you can get that minty scent right onto your lips. It’s packed with Cocos Nucifera and Mentha Piperita, which is coconut oil and peppermint oil, to make sure your kisses are fresh every single time.  Check on costco.ca


See https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html

Constitutional Law by Sujit Choudhry

The changing world is now a global village where different similarities and different exist in legal systems. It is thus important to understand what comparative law means. The areas handled in comparative law include intellectual property protection, labor relations, environment, tax laws, criminal law and human rights. When studying the foreign law, a person will make observations to see how different or similar the legal systems are. When handling comparative laws different factors are considered including the scope of the comparison, the concept, the data to be used, similarities and differences. Once a person has identified the differences and similarities, it will be easy to deal with cases or engage in research. This is because without the comparative law, a person would remain ignorant of how different countries carry out their legal processes.


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Understanding Sujit Choudhry



Sujit Choudhry is the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is also the Faculty Director who is passionate about gathering information about constitution building process. He has written widely on constitutional design with an aim of providing a guide on how countries should manage transitions. Over the years, he has experienced violence in different countries and the root problem is constitutional transition. He serves in the United Nations Mediator Roaster. He has also been hired by World Bank Institute. Sujit Choudhry has also worked as a foreign constitutional expert in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan.



Based on  works.bepress.com, before he joined Berkeley Law he was a professor of law working in New York University School of Law. Dean Choudhry also worked in the University of Toronto teaching law. He has also been awarded with the Trudeau Fellowship in Canada. This is a clear indication he has the right experience and passion. He attended Oxford University, Harvard University and University of Toronto. He has a wide knowledge in comparative law and has been practicing for over a decade now. He is passionate about constitutional design, and transition in governments. He also handles secession, constitutional courts, decentralization and transition from authoritarian to democratic government. As a constitutional expert and legal advisor, Choudhry has remained passionate about developments around the world constitutionally. Therefore, he follows how different governments are working and how their mode of working affect the constitution.

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White Shark Media Pursues Strategies To Further Steer Growth Among Small Businesses

Young businesses are vulnerable to many challenges and in the absence of the right support, the business could end up making losses and exiting the industry. To keep the business afloat, entrepreneurs opt for various ideas, one of them being contracting a successful marketing agency like White Shark Media to assist in the development of the business to catch up with the competition in the market as well as to overcome challenges experienced while reaching clients. White Shark Media has stood out in this industry for offering some of the best solutions that are designed to cater for the marketing needs of the businesses in various specialties.


Strategic optimizations

To run a business effectively, there is need to have a plan that makes it possible to enable strategic optimization. Why this is important is because the market keeps changing and only the businesses that are prepared to embrace the changes survive the difficulties that come along with the change. White Shark Media runs special programs that allow strategic optimizations and reviews of the business to allow it to prepare for any changes in the market. Offering advice prior to any action in the market allows the business to handle difficulties whenever they arise.


Google SMB Partner

Over the years, White Shark Media has been among highly established companies that have developed systems that are able to deliver performance to small businesses. Google spotted this influence in 2012 and decided to partner with the company through the SMB program, which is handed over to only highly qualified agencies in the market. Being a partner to this program offers White Shark Media more tools to deliver effective AdWords and SEM campaigns. The objective of the program runs well with the goals of White Shark Media and has remained delivering better advertising support to small businesses.


Solutions for eCommerce businesses

Ecommerce businesses run on a different platform that is highly competitive and complex and to achieve their goals, they have to also embrace unique approaches that help them to move at the right pace of growth. White Shark Media offers advanced marketing packages that are designed to allow eCommerce companies to manage their strategies and ideas more seamlessly. The company also helps in the review and implementation of development plans that seek to change the image of the company to stay in sync with the needs of the market, including trends and changes.



Just What Is OSI Group & It’s Role In Society

Food solutions does most, if not all of the supplying for hundreds of thousands of retailors in the world. The industry is huge and it covers the entire globe. Many of your favorite food products that are being sold at different retailors generally come from the same supplier.

Have you ever heard of OSI Group? This company is one of the very best food suppliers in the world today and it is one of the largest privately held companies in the nation. OSI Group was once known as Otto & Sons over a century ago. German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened it’s doors in the early 1900’s as a family meat market in the Mid-West. By producing such high quality meat products at the best of rates, Otto & Sons expanded and grew throughout the years. Today it is a worldwide powerhouse that has acquired many other similar companies to it’s huge roster. BAHO Food, Flagship Europe, and Tyson Food Plant have joined forces with OSI, which has opened up an entire new market for sales.

Today, OSI Group is a leader in food solutions and it has provided these valuable services for many high profile names. Brands such as KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, and Pizza Hut have all been supplied by this extraordinary giant. Types of food? Just know that this company covers it all from hot dogs, beef patties, bacon, fish, poultry, pork products, vegetables, and many more.

From concept to table, OSI delivers on all promises. This is 21st Century food solutions at it’s finest. Over 20,000 employees earn a good living and since everyone has eat to survive, food solutions has one of the highest percentages of sustainability.

Discover why ClassDojo is the company to be associated to

ClassDojo is an organization focused on making a transformation in the education sector for all the students. The aim of the group is to connect the teachers, students, and the parents and bring in a lively study environment.


ClassDojo has attracted the attention being associated with the founding and developing the ClassDojo App that gets used in the classrooms. The App enables the sharing of videos, photos, messaging and other activities in the classroom. They make the class a bit of fun and lively to be part of it.


It has led to the app gaining popularity with 90% of k-8 using the App. Currently, they serve 180 countries. They also have different languages that make them communicate effectively.

The organization is diverting their focus from the traditional view of the classroom as a place where fits absolute numbers of individuals. Instead, they are building a class that has a chance for the parents to get included. They focus on seeing each person create a classroom of his wish.

The latest revelation states that ClassDojo has injected $21million in the development of the ClassDojo App. The App is aimed at bringing a more elaborate communication between the teachers and the pupils. By this way, the movements and the behavioral changes of the various students will be able to be monitored more closely. It will result in the parents and the teachers understanding the students in a more personal ground.  Check also wikipedia.com.


The advantage of the App is that it will make the teachers communicate with the parents freely. The parents will get acquired by the events taking place. It is a huge step as the attention will shift from the annual meeting to a regular interaction. It will result in overall success. As the app has gained the market share, there is the need to find a way to keep off the competitors. The company has engaged in an exercise to find other useful features that they can add to the app and make a lot of success in it.

Visit this link for additional info http://www.businessinsider.com/ed-tech-startup-classdojo-is-going-viral-2016-7


Roberto Santiago Manaira is one of the top most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. The 58-year-old entrepreneur was born in July 1958 in a town known as Joao Pessoa. He went to Pio X-Marist College, based in the town of Pessoa. Afterward, he advanced to the University Centre of Joao Pessoa and concentrated in a business administration degree. Roberto Santiago started his vocation at a bistro in Santa Rosa. He became a reference in the state of Paraiba for his significant investments, diversion and in taking advantage of what is best in an area. For instance, he opened an organization that dealt in the manufacturing of embellishing and utilitarian items which ended up being a decent establishment for his profession.

Santiago is an entrepreneur who is driven by passion. Over the years, his enthusiasm for games has seen him gather trophies in Motocross and kart titles. One of the major examples of success for Roberto Santiago is Manaira Shopping Mall which was inaugurated in 1989 in the capital of Paraiba. Currently, it has undergone five major expansions since its construction. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa and prides a broad range of services such as leisure, fun, and entertainment which suits men and women, the young and old.

Manaira shopping mall has all that you need. Its versatility was designed by Roberto Santiago to cater for customer satisfaction for the whole family. It has well equipped modern movie rooms, games such as bowling and electronic game machines, food courts and restaurants that have the most sophisticated Chefs from Paraiba cuisine, a gym and even branches of various universities to ensure that Brazilians in addition to having a good time also get a quality education.

Santiago has created numerous employment opportunities for Brazilians through the posts available in the mall. Gym Instructors, Chefs, lecturers, accountants and customer service assistants have all been able to secure jobs that enable them to sustain themselves and their families.

Roberto Santiago Manaira is the perfect example of what it means to be a successful entrepreneur and is a man to be reckoned and adored by both young and old.

Tidal is Rising Desiree Perez is Bringing this Company to the Top

Desiree Perez has been an excellent source of help for Jay-Z and his Tidal music streaming brand. She really has the ability to show people that there’s more to music streaming then Spotify and I Heart Radio. She has done such a great job with this service that companies like Apple have even considered purchasing Tidal from Jay-Z. Even more recently Sprint has invested in the Tidal brand, and this may be the thing that helps take Tidal to the top.

More facts here on http://saltylens.com/tidal-negotiations-lead-by-desiree-perez/

It’s hard to reach the top without a game plan, and it appeared that this is the problem that Jay Z had in the beginning. He had enough money to buy Tidal so this wasn’t a problem. He also had an efficient amount of money to gain the star power to connect consumers to this music streaming service. What he did not have was the proper leadership with a vision to bring this company to another level. That is where Desiree Perez came into the picture. She was someone that had a vision and the skills to negotiate the contract to make her vision come to fruition.

View m.tmz.com for other news.

Customers are able to witness the growth of Tidal because someone like Desiree Perez has come forth to solidify the value that she knew Tidal had. There is a lot more room for growth now that there is a connection with Sprint. This company can introduce a lot more people to Tidal by preloading the Tidal app on Sprint phones. This can definitely increase the awareness of this music streaming service. It is all a part of a greater way to market Tidal against the competition. This is another great plan that Desiree Perez has been able to put into place. She has been about to take Tidal to a new place.


Go to hitsdailydouble.com to read more news.

A Peep Into The Remarkable Career Of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is popular for her numerous achievements in the field of talent acquisition and general recruitment. Over the years she has been able to develop exceptional experience and expertise in the field and now she is a big player in the recruitment industry.


Her academic background and line of career both play a major role in her success in the field of recruitment. Her breakthrough was the feat she achieved in developing life cycle recruitment skill on an executive level. With this achievement she was able to form several important networks of different professionals. She formed network with compliance officers, lawyers, managing directors and paralegals.


The formation of these valuable networks of captains of different industries was highly instrumental to her securing highly coveted positions in big companies like multinationals. While working for big corporations she developed the necessary skills for identifying and recruiting the best candidates for different positions. What stood her out is that whenever she recruits a candidate for any position the candidate will always perform way beyond expectations. So, it looks like she has special ability to spot the best applicants.


Being able to recruit the right person for a position begins with searching the right places, putting up the right requirement and asking the right questions during interview. Julie Zuckerberg has mastered all the arts so well. Through social media platforms and her numerous networks, she has been able to recruit highly competent professionals. Through her numerous networks, she became a consultants for several hiring directors.


Due to her networking skills, she kept expanding each of her networks and all of them are still increasing in size up till now. In her remarkable career, she assumed several prestigious roles in different companies and she performed creditably well in all of them. This is why she is a highly sought after professional. A major part of her achievement is her long career at Citibank.


She has worked as the Director of Candidate Placement and she has also worked as a Vice President before. Right now, she works in Deutsche Bank as the Executive of Talent Acquisition Lead. She does not only authorize and approve recruitment of the most suitable candidate, she also trains and guides recruitment teams and staffs on how to successfully recruit and retain the best hands.


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson in 2002. As the Director of Candidate Placement, she discharged her duties by helping with candidate placements for some top law firms and legal professionals. In October, 2007, she was already working with Citi Global as the Executive Recruiter and Vice President.


Thereafter, she worked as the Senior Hire Recruiter and vice President in New York Life Insurance Company. She finally resumed in Deutsche Bank as the Vice President and Executive recruiter of talent acquisition in April 2014. Due to her impressive performance, she was promoted to her current role.


She has engaged in several volunteer works to promote different causes like animal welfare, human rights, economic empowerment and social action just to mention a few. She has passion for photography and baking. She never hides her love for Persian cats as she sometimes flaunts her beautiful Persian cat in some of her photo-shoots.


Choosing Online Reputation Management Service

Are you looking for a good reputation management team to help build your credibility? Want to have an efficient system for tracking conversations about your company or organization? A renowned online reputation management firm can help you protect against damaging online threats and attacks and maintain your good image.

Most people nowadays rely on Internet searches and social media sites to determine which companies to purchase from. They go online to read about various companies , services and products and then decide where to make their purchase. They can easily get online reputation reviews or information about almost every company or brand out there by simply entering the right search term on search engines.

If your company has a bad reputation, it will be extremely difficult for you to have success in your endeavors. It is absolutely essential for businesses and professionals to have a good system that monitors and manages their online credibility.

Good public perception will help you in whatever it is that you are striving for. Whether you are an author trying to safeguard your credibility, an entrepreneur aiming to build a better brand image or a corporate executive trying to maintain a good image, it is essential to keep ensure that you are being perceived in a positive light. However, not everybody has a good understanding of reputation management and how to handle it properly; hence many choose to make a wise decision and that is, hand the project to the experts.

You need to be aware of how you are being portrayed or what is happening with your business, and what other people are saying. There are various tools and resources that are available for handling this task but it can be a daunting and time consuming task to handle this without expert assistance. That’s where online reputation management firms can help. These exerts have the right resources and skills to handle this type of issue appropriately.

When you consult a reliable firm, they will set up an appointment for you to present your situation and they will design the perfect reputation management program for you.


Don Ressler Makes the Fashion Industry Amazing


Don Ressler is a well-recognized businessman as well as an accomplished entrepreneur. He majors in the industry of fashion. At a tender age, Ressler began creating fresh styles thus exploring his entrepreneurial skills and his passion for fashion. As a result he has always taken what is in the market and trended it in a good way especially when it comes to anything associated with fashion


IntelligentBeauty, FitnessHeaven, Fabletics and JustFab are the companies that he has taken part in creating and so far have all been fruitful. He has been recognized as one of the top men in e-commerce due to his the co-CEO of JustFab and CEO of Fabletics.  All of which is listed on Don’s Entrepreneur.wiki page.

His first business was Fitness Heaven.com and later on was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001.later on he made his first encounter with his long-term partner Adam Goldenberg. They are co-CEOs of JustFab. They both found Alena Media which was a success. JustFab Inc is now officially known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The company has over the years grew effectively making it profitable in the fashion industry.


The fashion company contains trends such as, jewelry, shoes, denim and handbags. These trends can be found on their online platform and easily purchased. The company is in association with other firms that have online platforms, they include; FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. The income statement of the company has also been fabulous over the years.

In 2011 they received $33 million from Matrix Partners and in 2012 they got $76 million from the very company as well as Intelligent Beauty and Technology Crossover Venture. In 2013 FabKids gave their payment which summed up to $49 million. The organization has made a great profit and still keeps coming up with trending fashion hence enhancing its services.

Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg and also Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in 2013. The firm is an online shopping platform that is filled with different collections for athletes. These collections are price friendly and most customers are fulfilled after purchasing them. Don Ressler and his partners hope to improve the fashion industry to greater heights. Take a look at where he plans on going next by following Don Ressler on Internet Retailer.