Discount Store 365 by Whole Foods Will Open Later this Year

Whole Foods has be heralding the arrival of a new chain of discount grocery stores that is to be run by the chain. FreedomPop also reports that they have finally announced the name of the chain, “365 by Whole Foods Market.” Whole Foods branded food is called 365 Everyday, and the store brand will feature prominently in these stores. The will also sell national brands. The store will be geared towards millennials and other shoppers who might otherwise not be able to afford to shop at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is often cited as catering towards yuppies while trying to brand itself as a store that focuses on healthy food and ingredients. Critics say that they have capitalized on the Organic foods and the anti-GMO fervor, and gluten-free craze that has swept the nation. Critics say do not really offer food that is any healthier than foods that you can find at more conventional grocery stores. The store is often criticized for it’s high prices and the expensive nature of it’s fresh fruits and vegetables. They are also frequently criticized for offering mostly processed and frozen foods.

365 by Whole Foods may be an opportunity for the store to redeem itself by focusing on less expensive foods, rather than trying to capitalize on trends that seem healthy, and may not be any better for you than home cooked meal that focus of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains.

Find New York City Real Estate With Town Real Estate Agency

When thinking of New York City, many think of celebrities, and with celebrities there is luxury. New York City is well known for luxury, including the places to stay, the places to eat, and the places to visit. New York City is such a hot place to be that many have chosen it as a place to live. No matter how much someone may want to live in New York City, it may not be as easy as it sounds. When so many people want to live in the same place, it may be difficult to find a place to live.


Many think of New York City as crowded, and many feel the city has small living spaces. Unless you know of a great realtor that can help you find a luxurious space, you’re likely to find a cramped place in New York City. There is no need to live in a small place if you don’t want to. Many like the luxury that New York City has to offer, and there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy luxury. If you get a realtor that knows New York City well, you may be able to find an amazing place to live.


Those who are looking for luxurious accommodations in New York City, they want the best. Balconies are a plus, a concierge would be nice, a gym would be great, and a pool would be amazing. Many amenities can be found in different locations, depending on what a client wants. Some people will not live anywhere without valet parking, but they can be accommodated in New York City. Some may feel the need for a 24 hour concierge in their building, and you can find this in New York City too. No matter what type of luxurious accommodations you want in your new place, New York City has it.
To find the best places to stay in NYC properties it’s best to choose TOWN Real Estate. TOWN Real Estate only works with listings that are luxurious and in high demand. The places are spacious, beautiful, and very desirable. Your agent will be able to show you places of interest, and you will be able to choose from many great listings. If you’ve chosen to make New York City your home, or you’re moving around in New York City, remember to choose TOWN Real Estate as your real estate agency.

Granny Panties Are The New Fashion Statement

One has to be living under a rock to not notice the changing face of fashion in recent times. With plus sized models getting the attention they deserve, positive body image propagated by various fashion shows, and gender neutral clothing stores in different parts of the world, fashion is finally starting to focus on two most important things- comfort and personal statements. WashingtonPost tells that the latest news that has come out of the fashion scene reveals that comfortable granny panties are gaining more favor with female buyers as compared to thongs. What does this mean for the future of fashion? Let’s find out.

Women are Finally Buying Lingerie for Themselves – Thongs are pretty uncomfortable and going for full bottomed underwear is something everyone does in the privacy of one’s bedroom. Now, however, women aren’t ashamed to say that they choose comfort over other things.

Changing Beauty Perception – It is no longer cliched to say that comfort is the new fashion trend and the popularity of granny panties proves this statement.

Positive Body Image – The message to the world is loud and clear – these panties are comfortable and they promote positive body image to every woman. Ultimately, nothing can beat comfort.

Here’s hoping that fashion continues to make a difference in society in this way and healthy trends grow in frequency and importance in the coming years. Choosing what to wear without any restrictions is not just feministic but also, logical.

The Dorchester Collection looks for individualism amongst its hotels

The current trend for major luxury hotel brands is to look to plant as many flags in as many different locations around the world as possible. Although only formed in 2006 The Dorchester Collection is looking to increase its number of locations, but is seeking to do so in a steady and secure way that keeps its loyal guests at the very heart of every decision made about expansion. By avoiding the problem of littering the planet with hundreds of hotels The Dorchester Collection is looking to maintain its insightful yet exclusive nature and add to its locations by choosing only locations and buildings that suit the needs of the brand and fit into its ethos and design style.

The Dorchester Collection has been looking for different ways of expanding its brand in terms of where it will be located and which locations are the best for its needs. A large hotel in New York was sold off because at more than 200 rooms it did not fit into the brand being created, which now includes small and distinguished hotels. A management deal has also been struck by the brand to become the overall managers of Le Richemond in Geneva, Switzerland, which shows the pains the company is taking to make sure new hotels open up all the time.

CEO Christopher Cowdray (on google+) has looked to Asia and North America as the major markets The Dorchester Collection is undervalued in within the luxury hotel market. However, when a high quality option appears he has also been willing to make the move and open a hotel in an existing or formerly existing Dorchester Collection location. For instance, though they sold their large NY hotel because it was not in keeping with the brand, the Dorchester Collection is looking to expand and stake a property in New York again. Another good example of this is 45 Park Lane in the heart of London. This hotel sits just feet from the flagship The Dorchester hotel, but offers a different style and opportunity for guests to enjoy. Created in a modern style, 45 Park Lane is a different accommodation choice to The Dorchester and provides the brand with a different group of guests looking to stay in the English capital.

Focus on Style: The Dorchester versus 45 Park Lane

As one of the world’s most iconic hotels, The Dorchester is quite simply the place to be in London. The Dorchester, superbly located in the centre of London overlooking Hyde Park, is a favourite choice of celebrities, world leaders, royalty and high society. See more photos on facebook!

45 Park Lane is sophisticated yet full of life, basking in an enviable location in London’s elegant Mayfair. Popular with locals and seasoned jetsetters, this smart choice also provides an excellent basis for those looking to explore London. For more photos of 45 Park Lane, follow them on instagram.

North American Spine Continues To Push Forward With New Technologies

North American Spine has been a leader in pushing forward the technology used in minimally invasive spinal procedures to cure many of the ailments that affect those troubled with lower back pain. The medical practice is well known for providing the AccuraScope procedure that is a minimally invasive procedure with a high rate of success and low levels of recovery time for those who wish to return to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. The practice is now offering a number of other procedures it hopes will continue the tradition of producing the best results with the lowest rehabilitation and recovery times as it introduces the CuraSpine and SecuraSpine techniques.

Based in Dallas, Texas North American Spine has been the sole provider of the AccuraScope procedure in North America for the last six years and has achieved critical and commercial success off the back of this procedure. The small nature of the incisions made for the procedure means the technique for repairing damage to the lower back has a low level of infection rate as the number of problems and issues the procedure is affected by are reduced greatly. The small incisions used in all the procedures completed by North American Spine means the recovery time available for all users of the skills of the medical center are reduced for a shorter time out of work and leisure activities.

The latest techniques developed by North American spine compliment the use of the AccuraScope technology by using the same minimally invasive techniques to complete back surgery procedures. CuraSpine is used to compliment the Accurascope procedure by assisting in relieving pressure on the spine, while the SecuraSpine technique is used to ensure the spine remains stable for those with back issues. Despite the increase in surgical techniques available to physicians and patients from North American Spine the group remains committed to a high level of natural treatments, including the use of yoga in a bid to limit the use of surgery for back problems until it is required.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company has proven to be one of the most important companies in the world when it comes to wine collecting. The firm helps over 30,000 different clients spread over 70 different countries find the right wine they are looking for. Whether this is an individual bottle of wine or a larger collection, The Antique Wine Company has all of the experts available to assist those who are looking for a quality bottle of wine but doesn’t know who else to turn to. There are many great services provided by the company, so from individual, intimate parties to those who are looking to invest in wine, The Antique Wine Company has all of the answers to help.

For starters, there are different services provided by the AWC. The company does purchase wine, so if someone has a valuable bottle of wine they wish to sell, or at least have appraised, the company is able to do just this. The company can also help individuals who are looking to invest in their own wine collection. Like fine art, wine does increase in value, so locating specific buyers can net a rather sizable increase in value. Plus, as bottles are consumed, the individual bottles become more and more valuable.

For someone who just wants to purchase wine to be enjoyed, The Antique Wine Company has the services available for this as well. There is a fun little package which provides an individual bottle with a vintage date of the year the individual’s birth. It also comes with an original newspaper from the London Times for someone as well, which can be a great present for anyone on their birthday. There are other services that can provide a different bottle from every single vintage year from a specific estate. This way, is someone truly loves the kind of wine a set vineyard sells, it may be possible to find this exact collection and have it delivered through the aid of The Antique Wine Company.

For intimate parties and gatherings, The Antique Wine Company provides special events where those who attend can taste some of the finest bottles of wine in the world. It is often difficult to do this anywhere else, which is exactly why The Antique Wine Company is there to provide these kinds of services and to make sure everyone has a truly amazing time as well.

The Obstacles of Buying and Selling Real Estate in New York City

New York City is a breathtaking city in every aspect. There is always an attraction waiting to be seen at any time of the day; earning New York City the reputation of being the city that doesn’t sleep. But when it comes time to finding real estate in the city, you may find yourself losing sleep. It can be an incredibly daunting task to find a home in New York City due to a variety of different reasons.

The main reason that is can be so difficult finding a place in New York is because of its large population size. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, New York City ranked as the number one most populated city in America. With of 8.1 million residents calling this city their home, it is no wonder finding the perfect dream home can be next to impossible. You can compare this search to finding a needle in a haystack, except there are more people just like you looking in the same haystack.

The city that never sleeps is always changing. This is part of the attraction that is New York City. The hustle and bustle of this city lends itself to creating an ever changing supply of residential real estate. Now think back to Economics 101 and that infamous supply and demand chart, this is exactly how you have to think of your real estate journey in New York City. Unless you are studying and working in the market 24/7, it is truly impossible to know whether you are getting a good deal or not when you are either buying or selling a home.

Whenever you are dealing with a tough market, it is always a good idea to find an expert that can guide you through the different options. This is where TOWN Real Estate can help you. TOWN Real Estate excels at finding NYC apartments for sale. The next time you have any real estate needs in New York City, remember TOWN’s slogan “Our Neighborhood. Your Home.”