YouTube’s Wengie Does The Big Haul—Brushes, Makeup And New Contact Lenses

YouTube’s Wengie is a major beauty star and favorite; we also are addicted to her Wengie Vlogs which show a wonderful slice of life featuring Wengie, Max, Mikki and Mia. Behind the scenes in real life moments never disappoint her fans.

Today, she’s discussing her big $500 haul, including makeup brushes, shadows, blushes, contact lenses and more!

Wengie is super excited about opening the “singing” Marc Jacobs beauty box that Max brought in from the mail. Inside is a high-tech video with a sensor that plays when you open the box.

Wengie is ecstatic looking at the set of blushes and soft contour brush. The duo blush compact shades include: Lush + Libido, Night Fever + Hot Stuff, Flesh + Fantasy, Kink +Kisses, Lines + Last Night. Wengie chooses the Lush + Libido for its cool lavender tones, and she loves the glow.

Wengie also mentions the law of attraction, as she was trying to manifest brushes from Artis in a former vlog. A week later, she receives a box full of the brand’s makeup brushes. Wengie highly recommends Artis brushes for their air-brush results, especially for full coverage foundation, like her Marc Jacob’s brand for her dry skin. These brushes rock, and she does a demo on bare skin to prove it.

The eye brushes are also good, but she’s still learning how to artfully use them. The Oval 7 and Oval 6 are also amazing for contouring.

Shu Uemura sent her a bunch of skin care products like Wengie’s favorites from the Studio Skin range. She adores the transparency lotion which acts like a soothing, rich toner. The Sublime Beauty lotion is another good one, according to Wengie. The brand’s Vision of Beauty(Volume 3) lip/cheek colors are also an awesome haul, as Wengie swatches Nudy Pink, Nudy Plum and Nudy Coral.

Wengie received their eye shadows and brow gel and gorgeous, invisible setting powder.

Desio contact lenses from Italy have excited Wengie to pieces. She chose Desert Dream for a green-gray tone. She also tried on Cappucino, an ashy brown, almost peachy shade.

Bruce Levenson and the Sale of the Hawks

Bruce Levenson attended Washington University, where he earned a B.A. Degree. He then attended American University to earn a law degree. While in the process, he worked as a journalist for both the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He is the co-founder of and partner in the United Communications Group. He decided to form an investment group to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. Until recently, he was the owner of Atlantic Spirit, LLC. In 2004, Atlantic Spirit, the embodiment of this investment group, purchased the Hawks, The NHL Atlanta Thrashers, and operating rights of Philips Arena for $250 million.
Levinson has also sat on the board of directors Electronic Publishers Association and has presided over “I Have a Dream Foundation,” a role which he still holds. In September of 2014 he announced that he would finally be selling his 50.1 percent share of the Hawks. The other holders eventually decided to sell their shares as well. The sale process was tedious and took the rest of 2014 and much of 2015 to finalize. But Bruce Levenson recently sold the Hawks to billionaire Antony Ressler. Ressler was accompanied in buying the franchise for a reported $750 million.

This is not Ressler’s first experience in ownership of a sports team. Last year according to ESPN, he attempted to by the Los Angeles Clippers but was outbid. He is also one of the owners of the Milwaukee Brewers. In the face of declining attendance at games, the new owners are scrambling to attract new companies for advertisements. There has also been a move to update the facilities as a whole which many consider to be sub-par and a hindrance to attracting both fans and free agents. And these changes have all served to very positive results. Despite the present faults, the new owners are absolutely delighted to be in possession of one of the strongest teams in the NBA.

They started off the 2015/2016 season with a game against the Detroit Pistons. They played well and it was the competition was tight to the very end, but they lost 160 to 94. But this did not damper the Hawks owners, management, and teams hope for the future. For more info on Bruce, visit


Life Transforming Kabbalah Teachings

Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom meant for providing practical tools for helping one to find joy and lasting fulfillment in their lives. Kabbalah is taught not as an academic study but a way of making life better for individuals and a better world for all. These Kabbalah teachings are provided at Kabbalah Center.
The Kabbalah Center

This is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to make the Kabbalah principle understandable and relevant to everyday living. The center was founded in 1922 by Yehuda Ashlag and has now more than 40 centers across the globe, with a robust online presence.

The Kabbalah Teachings

The Kabbalah teachings are regarded as a universal wisdom that predates the Bible and applies to anyone in spite of their faith. The Kabbalah wisdom is drawn from the lineage of the great Kabbalists. The teachings include courses of study that describes the origin on creation, the spiritual and physical laws of the universe, which includes the existence of human beings and the journey into the soul.

The teachers at Kabbalah Center provide the students with these spiritual tools. They urge them to apply the tools so that they can determine for themselves how the principles can work in improving their lives, thereby making the world better.

Methods of Teaching Kabbalah

Kabbalah Center has developed classes, courses, online lectures, audio products and books to help their students learn the core Kabbalistic principles. The online lectures and courses are essential for students that want to study Kabbalah but do not have a Kabbalah Center near them.

For further knowledge, refer to this link.

Kabbalah Center also organizes and hosts weekly and monthly events in which the students participate in meditation, lectures, and share meals. There are also events that are availed to virtual students through live online streaming. Besides, the center organizes spiritual tours and retreats to energy sites that are believed to have been accessed by the great Kabbalists.

Kabbalah Center reiterates the teaching that is inherent in all religions, which involve bettering of the individual in a bit to better the world around them. The Kabbalah teaching does not stress on religion being a way of life.

Free Phone Calls by Securus

Over the last few decades there have been numerous articles published about the seemingly high cost of phone calls for prisoners and inmates in the United States, as well as, immigrants being detained and juvenile delinquents in detention centers. The phone calls to and from these facilities often come at a steep cost per minute making it very difficult or even impossible for many prisoners to be able to stay in touch with their lawyers and loved ones.



However, recently, Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of communications services and other prison supplies in the Unites States, has made the news for their services in a positive way. In light of all of the flooding that has been plaguing the south as of late, the chief executive officer made the bold and generous decision to offer free phone calls in and out of the prisons for people in the affected flooding areas. This news came as a great shock to the prisoners and their families but it was certainly a welcome one.


Many people fail to think of those that are affected in this way during times of floods and other natural disasters. But Securus did not fail to remember their biggest customers. They are offering the free unlimited phone calls up until September 7th so that the prisoners will be able to check in with their families and be assured that they are doing well, without the added burned of costly calls. The communications company is estimating that the value of the free phone calls being offered will amount to at least a few hundred thousand dollars and that there will likely be more than a quarter of a million free phone calls placed during that time frame. Securus is being praised for their generous donation of calls.


How To Incorporate IAP Worldwide Into Your Daily Routine

IAP Worldwideis dedicated to a high level of security clearance. They are the leaders in global security. If you have a disaster any where in the world they are there to help. They have contracted with the U.S. government and have been on board for several overseas missions. The government has trusted the program management of IAP Worldwide and has given them the opportunity to contract their vehicles for a better response time. Logistics is also very important to the success of their company. Get the professional success that will help you effectively meet the demands of your program contract requirements.

You’ll be satisfied with the number of people that have successfully used IAP for their program details. They have been in the industry for over 60 years and successful have maneuvered in over 35+ countries. You won’t be disappointed with the level of professionalism that gets your program features handled adequately. They have partnered with some of the largest security giants in the world. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to have a strong team by your side when you need them. They have successfully partnered with other corporation giants to get the success of your project goals met.

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You can rest assured they will be there in a twinkling of an eye. You can depend on their speedy response time. There are a number of program and logistic resources that IAP Worldwide uses to help you. There are a number of methods that you can use and they can handle a small community operation. They have the man power and team of professionals that are trained with a high level of security. Discover how to get your security project handled when you need it. They are available to assist you today with real opportunities for program management.

They can’t be compared with any other company for security clearance. If you need more information you’re encouraged to visit IAP Worldwide for more details and the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of their professionals. They take pride in getting their customers real results. Don’t try to handle a tough natural disaster or security clearance on your own. You can have someone by your side or allow IAP Worldwide to take over your program details. Visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details. Their top priority is their customers and the outcome of your program management contract.

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The Results are Incredible

You can obviously see the difference Wen has made in her hair from before she starting the products to after using them. Her hair is noticeably more shiny and bouncy. While she was not pleased with the oily feeling it gave her hair, it is not obvious in her pictures. All one can see is the improvement it made in the appearance of her hair. Even her friends noticed the shine so that is saying a lot. Perhaps if she used less of the product than what is labeled then maybe she would not experience the oily texture it gave her. Regardless, there is a definite improvement in the shine of her hair.
WEN Hair Care is comprised of a unique system of a shampoo and conditioner in one bottle that not only saves time when washing and conditioning your hair but also provides your hair with the shine and manageability you desire. No matter the texture of your hair this product can be used to achieve the results everyone wants in their hair along with providing an all day leave-in conditioner feel. For even more manageability and shine Wen offers other products, including styling sprays, oils, hair balms, creams and others. Wen can be safely used for hair that has been chemically treated and can leave the hair feeling soft no matter the texture. Available online on Amazon or Sephora cosmetics stores in multiple fragrances such as sweet honey peach, apple, fig, lavender and others, there is truly something everyone would love that will leave their hair smelling fresh and clean all day.

The results speak for themselves and they are pretty incredible in providing the shine and healthy appearance everyone wants in their hair.
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