The Search Fixers Can Help Anyone Who Needs Online Reputation Management

Most people use the Internet as their guide when they’re looking for anything. Those who want to find a restaurant, a business, a preschool, a carpet cleaning service, and so much more will go online to look for these services, but what results are coming back when they look for these particular services? Not everyone has flattering information posted about them online, whether it’s for an individual or a business, and this is where the problem starts with reputation management. Anyone can gain a bad reputation without even knowing about it as long as the Internet exists.

A customer who had a bad day or a bad experience with a particular company can write very unflattering things about a company that can come up in every search result that someone does about that company in the future. These negative comments that are made online are then visible to everyone and may come up over and over, which can prove to be harmful to the business. Even an individual can use reputation management, especially if they’re trying to get their face out there for certain jobs. The best thing to do when there is negative information about you on the Internet is to get reputation management.

The Search Fixers is a reputation management company, and the company works for both individuals and businesses. Those individuals who are going out for acting jobs or jobs that can significantly improve their livelihood should first check online to see what information is out there about them. Finding the negative search results first means that there have been more hits on negative articles than the positive ones, and The Search Fixers are able to stifle these negative articles to help boost your reputation. Although the negative articles may never go away, they can be put down deep enough in the search results to where they are rarely seen.

Businesses that are having problems fixing negative reviews from past customers should also work with The Search Fixers because they can help them to set up their social media to be helpful to their business. Having a social media page is a great way to manage one’s reputation, especially since you control the content completely. Let The Search Fixers do everything they need to in order to put your reputation in a better light and to help you get rid of the bad reputation you may already have online.

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Despite Allegations by GTL Securus Continues To Improve Services

Securus Technologies Inc which is known to be a leading organization in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety, solutions, monitoring, investigation, and correction. The company recently issued revisions to GTL press release that was issued on 7th June 2016. GTL’s press release contained several statements that we find to be misleading and inaccurate. The primary purpose of the press release is to provide clarification to the GTL’s false accusations.

Some of the allegations that GTL accused us are listed below;

  1. GTL expressed their gratitude saying that PTAB determined all the innovations were patentable and GTL was now free to move back to court to` protect their technology that enables law enforcers to monitor video visits. Securus believes that despite the claims by GTL, PTAB did not conclude any of the claimed innovations patentable; instead, they said they would not evaluate the asserts.
  2. With the current decisions by the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board on GTL’s U.S patent no.7256816 authorizes GTL to go ahead with a fourth PTAB validated patent to seek order and damages that Securus caused. On the other hand in Securus, we believe that because the case in Texas Federal Court stayed, GTL is unable to move forward to seek relief for their claims in the District Court.

Securus Technologies trusts that GTL is very aware that patent cases in courts takes time and consumes millions of dollars to pursue the case and as a result, we wonder if the allegations made by GTL makes sense in regards to the well-being of their company. We in Securus will continue to protect our business from GTL’s attacks while doing all we can to respond to GTL’s recent approach.

Our Headquarters is located in Dallas Texas, and we have been serving more than 3450 law enforcement agencies, public safety, and correctional facilities. We are also responsible for providing our services to more than 12000000 inmates across Northern America. Our organization recently teamed up with Jpay to provide digitized payment, communication, education, and entertainment in correctional institutions. With the introduction electronic payment, emails, and a host of entertainment and educational apps by JPay, we will improve our services to our customers.


Making Use of Securus Prison Communication

A recent press release had several inaccuracies published to the GTL that were all about Securus, a popular Prison Communication System in the industry. Since the press release has been published, Securus has written back and corrected all of the errors that have been made so that people can get a better understanding of what this company is and what they can do for you and your family. If you are not aware of Securus, you probably do not know that it is one of the top prison Communications in the world.


The fact that this is one of the top communication systems out there, I have been using it myself in the past because a friend went to prison and I could not keep in touch with them on a routine basis in a secure and safe manner for the both of us. This is why I continually recommend Securus to people of all kinds and I feel like can truly benefit prison families who struggle to keep in touch with their loved ones. Stay up to date with Securus on


If you would like to learn more about Securus and what it can do for you, you can either ask your local prison if they have it set up as their own communication system or you can check it out online to learn more information to see if it is right for you. Not only does Securus allow for video messaging services that are safe and secure in every way possible, but you will also find that it is easier and quicker to keep in touch with a loved one who might be behind bars. There is never anything wrong with having better communication with a loved one who would otherwise be left alone for most of the day without being able to keep in touch with you and your family.


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Dr. Weisfogel is leading in the Introduction of Innovative Technologies for Treating Sleep Apnea

Research shows that sleep apnea is directly related to serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. These new findings dictate that it is important to find treatment for sleep apnea urgently. Dr. Avi Weisfogel, an expert in treating sleep disorders, is currently helping in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. It is estimated that 90% of people suffering from sleep apnea have not been diagnosed. As a result, Dr. Weisfogel of the Dental Sleep Masters and his team plans to create awareness about this severe condition.


Dental Sleep Masters


Dental Sleep Masters has added certified sleep physicians into their pool of professionals, thereby, increasing opportunities within the medical community. Sleep labs have also been developed resulting in better care for patients. New devices to treat sleep apnea such as THN Sleep Therapy have been approved by FDA for experimentation in clinical trials. Implantable devices have also been developed to treat the condition. FDA has also approved upper airway stimulation therapy to aid in the treatment of sleep apnea.


Dr. Weisfogel contribution to the field of dentistry


Dr. Weisfogel graduated from the esteemed New York University College of Dentistry. He also holds BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dental fears, and dental sufferers. In his early years, Dr. Weisfogel owned and served as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care. He worked in his private practice for 15 years, where he established himself as a patient-centered care provider. Because of his good work, the Consumer Research Council recognized him as the top cosmetic, implant, and sedation dentist.


Prior to establishing Dental Sleep Masters, he took great interest in learning about sleep disorders and how patients suffering from these disorders could be helped. Dr. Weisfogel passion drove him into instituting Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. This organization provides knowledge and expertise to medical practitioners, mostly dentists on how they can use their oral appliances to treat sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel has studied sleep apnea in depth. He disseminates this knowledge to other dentists who in turn can identify potential patients and offer them treatment. Dr. Weisfogel has proven to the world that the role of a dentist is not only to brighten people’s smiles.

Evolution of Smooth: Sweet Mint Lip Balm

Mint has several amazing benefits for the skin and lips. It has been around for centuries and is considered to be an ancient beauty secret. Not only does it feel amazing, it can soothe and cure irritated skin. This is especially true for the lips when the weather becomes cold and dry. This article will discuss the amazing benefits of mint and why its a good idea to use it on your lips.

Mint is one of the best ingredients to soothe burned or chapped skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce redness. It can also calm itchy skin. Mint also contains this substance called salicylic acid that can slough away dry rough skin, revealing smoother, fleshier skin underneath.

Mint also contains vitamin A. This nutrient is an anti-aging powerhouse and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This can mean plumper, younger looking lips.

It also contains menthol and anti-bacterial properties, making it a great ingredient to use it in cleansers and as an astringent.

It is a refreshing ingredient with a very powerful, but pleasant, aroma. It can be applied to sore lips to soothe them.

The Evolution of Smooth has a line of organic lip balms and “Sweet Mint” is one of the flavors. This balm is formulated with just enough peppermint oil to provide the calming benefits without being too overpowering, as peppermint oil can be highly irritating in large amounts. The peppermint oil found in EOS lip balm also contains several vitamins and minerals that can improve the look and feel of the lips overtime.

EOS lip balms are also organic and all natural. They are made will all natural oils and sweetners that compliment the mint aroma and flavor. This is the perfect lip balm product to use in the fall and winter seasons when the air is the driest. To learn more visit the EOS Facebook page and YouTube channel.


IAP embarks on a growth strategy by acquiring two firms

IAP Worldwide Services has gone an extra step in its growth strategy by acquisition of two firms. The company managed to buy DRS Technologies- Network Solutions Business and Aviation & Logistics companies. DRS Technologies is based in Aberdeen whereas A&L is based in Oklahoma City. TCNS has been known to offer information technology, engineering and communication related services in the past. It has offered its services mainly the United States Defense Department and to other agencies. A&L on the other hand has offered logistical services geared towards aircraft maintenance and repair services. The acquisition of the two companies shows IAP Worldwide Services intention to integrate several capabilities to enhance a rapid growth.

The two acquired firms were integrated into a single unit in IAP department known as Aviation and Engineering Solutions. They are meant to work under the existing National Security Program in IAP. IAP Worldwide Services’ Doug Kitani stated that the reason for acquisition of the two companies is to expand its services to a larger market. The company would like to increase its address market and offer comprehensive IT and engineering solutions. The acquisition of the companies was largely a work of the investors and the board.

The new companies show that IAP Worldwide is devoted to grow and offer better services to its customers. The strategy is meant to bring in innovation, a better strategy and a customer-based growth within the company. The only way to make this possible was through the acquisition of companies that are in line with IAP’s vision of being a world leader in technology services on Devex. The growth model established by the company shows a dedicated effort to growth. IAP has in the recent past focused on an organic based program that has a focus on customers.

IAP Worldwide has been a leading international service provider for close to 60 years now. They continue to grow and going to extra miles of providing services for the United States and international companies. IAP has offered a seasoned management program that deals with several solutions and innovations that meet the needs of its clients. Today they are based in over 100 locations in more than 20 different countries. The company has consistently been on the lookout to acquire new partners and companies that help them become a world leader in logistic services. They have proven to acquire major assets as they expand and separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Raj Fernando Success in the Trading Industry

Raj Fernando is a well-known businessman from the United States. He has done very well in his career as a trader. Several years ago, he founded a company known as Chopper Trading. His skills in trading played a huge role in the success of the enterprise, making Raj very popular. Chopper Trading has earned the businessman a lot of revenue in the past, and it has also opened several branches in the globe.

Before starting Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando had worked in various institutions. At one time, he was working with a company known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange based in Chicago. He did very well in this company, and his contributions are recognized to date. Before working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Raj Fernando was working with the Chicago Board of Trade, a respected trading institution in the country. Working in these companies gave him the experience and expertise needed to excel in trading.
Raj Fernando is also one of the most popular cash bond traders in the country. He had to work in cash bond trading companies in the past, acquiring the experience needed. He was once an employee of CBOT.

In the year 2002, Raj Fernando decided to start Chopper Trading. As the leader of the trading firm, Raj Fernando has worked very hard to make sure that it succeeds in the modern competitive market. Chopper Trading has earned him a lot of money, making him one of the respected and wealthiest traders in the US.

Apart from being successful in his career, Raj is very active in philanthropic activities. Some of his wealth is helped to help needy people in the society. He is known for supporting several noble causes in the US, especially in Chicago, his hometown. Raj Fernando’s is also active in the country’s politics. In the past, reports indicate that he has given money to fund political campaigns. He mostly supports the Democratic Party, and he gave massive amounts of money to support Barack Obama’s campaign. Raj Fernando graduated from the Beloit College where he acquired he acquired a degree in economics and history. His knowledge in economics has helped in his career as a trader.
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