Don Ressler Makes the Fashion Industry Amazing


Don Ressler is a well-recognized businessman as well as an accomplished entrepreneur. He majors in the industry of fashion. At a tender age, Ressler began creating fresh styles thus exploring his entrepreneurial skills and his passion for fashion. As a result he has always taken what is in the market and trended it in a good way especially when it comes to anything associated with fashion


IntelligentBeauty, FitnessHeaven, Fabletics and JustFab are the companies that he has taken part in creating and so far have all been fruitful. He has been recognized as one of the top men in e-commerce due to his the co-CEO of JustFab and CEO of Fabletics.  All of which is listed on Don’s page.

His first business was Fitness and later on was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001.later on he made his first encounter with his long-term partner Adam Goldenberg. They are co-CEOs of JustFab. They both found Alena Media which was a success. JustFab Inc is now officially known as TechStyle Fashion Group. The company has over the years grew effectively making it profitable in the fashion industry.


The fashion company contains trends such as, jewelry, shoes, denim and handbags. These trends can be found on their online platform and easily purchased. The company is in association with other firms that have online platforms, they include; FabKids, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. The income statement of the company has also been fabulous over the years.

In 2011 they received $33 million from Matrix Partners and in 2012 they got $76 million from the very company as well as Intelligent Beauty and Technology Crossover Venture. In 2013 FabKids gave their payment which summed up to $49 million. The organization has made a great profit and still keeps coming up with trending fashion hence enhancing its services.

Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldenberg and also Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in 2013. The firm is an online shopping platform that is filled with different collections for athletes. These collections are price friendly and most customers are fulfilled after purchasing them. Don Ressler and his partners hope to improve the fashion industry to greater heights. Take a look at where he plans on going next by following Don Ressler on Internet Retailer.

Bernardo Chua: Teaching The World About The Value Of Ganoderma

Philippines native Bernardo Chua is internationally known for marketing high quality ganoderma infused products using multi-level marketing. He began his career in multi-level marketing working with Gano Excel.

His vision, natural instincts and innovative marketing efforts played an important role in helping Gano Excel to become a hit in markets throughout Canada, Hong Kong and the U.S. Chua then moved to California where he became Gano Excel U.S.A. president. The company created capsules, coffees, teas and other consumable products the ganoderma mushroom that been used Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

In 2008 Chua ORGANO GOLD. The company developed a unique line of ganoderma infused healthy bioactive coffee products. Using a distribution network he created the company became wildly successful.

Part of the reason for ORGANO GOLD’s success was Chua’s plan to provide the company’s marketing representatives with the products at low wholesale prices which allows them to market it to retail clients at affordable prices. The success of the brand generated interest from a rapidly growing number of independent sales representatives as more and more consumers wanted the products.

When he was a child Bernardo Chua learned about the many uses of garnoderma from his Chinese grandparents. Since then he felt compelled to teach as many people as possible about the power of the mushroom. ORGANO GOLD provided him the perfect vehicle to do just that.

He was among the first to offer products with ganoderma to people outside of Asia. And his products became a big hit in North America.

Both the company and Chua have gone on to win numerous awards and has made him a very popular businessman in Asia and made the people of the Philippines very proud of him.

These days Bernardo Chua is constantly working hard to improve the ganoderma he uses in his products. He is sponsoring research and working with the best organic ganoderma farmers on the planet.

Even though consumers love his products he is always trying to make them better. Plus he spends a lot of his time educating people about ganoderma. It’s the fulfillment of Chua’s childhood dream.

Investing in transparency

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros has emerged as an international political figure, philanthropist and a hugely successful financier. He’s been a supporter of democratic ideals and other causes beyond 30 years.

Born during the communist domination of Hungary, Soros survived the Nazi occupation and fled to England where he ended up graduating from the internationally renowned London School of Economics. Settling in the United States, George Soros founded and managed his international investment fund and accumulated a fortune.

Soros Fund Management is an American investment management firm. This firm on is the primary advisor for a family of funds dealing with international investments called the Quantum Group of Funds. Headquartered in New York City, they were established in 1969 and are noted to be the most profitable hedge funds in history. Investments in public equity, venture capital, fixed income markets; retail, transportation industries, foreign currency, commodities and private equity have provided considerable growth in the last 40 years.

According to his website, George has been an active philanthropist since 1979. The Open Society Foundation works to promote human rights, open society and transparency on He began by providing funds in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa for black students to attend University after South Africa’s apartheid era. Open Society Foundation provides grants for hand picked organizations which are invited to submit applications. Occasionally an open call will be made to the general public for organizations to solicit proposals. Individuals can be awarded fellowships, through work on a project in a field aligned within the foundation’s ideals on Attendance at affiliated universities can help individuals receive scholarships. More information on grants and fellowships, plus the possibility of applying for multiple grants are also listed within the Open Society Website, which is

Books & Essays
Author of over a dozen books as well as appearing in major newspapers, magazines with articles, essays on politics, society and economics, he has developed a large loyal following. Titles of various books at include The Soros Lectures which distills a broad overview from a lifetime of thinking on finance and capitalism. Books on globalization, capitalism, democracy are also intertwined with tomes about financial ideals and reasons for downfalls of certain system failures.

The pillar of liberal progressivism, the largest funder of the American Democratic party, George has been the ultimate counterweight since the 9-11 terrorism attack and funded the organization This site is all about Democracy in Action; petitioning for better lives in working families, getting people to take constructive action by actively making things happen in their local communities. Local communities that take action can inspire a country to take action. This effort will transpire in a world that takes action against human rights abuses or intolerance.

A Look At A Few EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS lip balm has distinguished itself in the cosmetics industry with flavors they offer to customers. They have marketed their brand to young kids, and the kids who are looking for better lip balms may gravitate to the colors and smells from the brand. EOS lip balm helps every kid enjoy their experience, and this article explains three flavors they have chosen for their customers.

#1: Honeydew

Honeydew is a simple flavor everyone will enjoy, and the flavor mimics that of the fruit. It will smell soft, and it will feel as though it is wafting over from an orchard. The kids will enjoy the soft green of the package, and the kids will share the smell with others because it is so pleasant.

#2: Blueberry

Blueberry is a fabulous flavor that kids love because they enjoy things such as blueberry muffins, and they are reminded of it when they are using the lip balm. Lip balm is incredibly important for everyone who has dry lips, and those who are searching for a better flavor may try blueberry from EOS lip balm.

#3: Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a beautiful flavor that many kids are not familiar with, and they use use it as often as possible because it helps them place a finer scent on their lips. They may share the lip balm with anyone they like, and they find it quite simple to use when they are looking for softness on a dry day. The color of the package is beautiful, and the coloring allows kids to become attached to their favorite flavor.

EOS lip balm wants kids to fall in love with the flavors they have chosen, and their lips will be quite soft once they are done with the product. The colored sphere ensures every kid feels great. EOS products are available on select stores which includes Well, Target and Amazon.

For complete gallery of products visit the EOS Facebook page.

Creating a Better World Via the Kabbalah Centre

The creation of a better world is something that motivates people all over the globe. All over the world, people want to find the way they can create a world that is better than the one they have right now. This is where many people find it useful to turn to others for help in this task. So many people realize that when they become a better person, they will in turn make the world a better place. This is something that those at the Kabbalah Centre fully understand. Their goal is to make the world a better place in every possible way. They know that each person has something to contribute to the world. This is why many people have sought their help.

Finding A Better Person

Becoming a better person is not something that many people find easy. Those here at the Centre understand that becoming a better person can take time and effort. This is why they work so hard to offer the kind of tools that people need to start this process as soon as possible. They want all those who come to them to be able to find the right kind of tools for their needs and help turn the world into a place where everyone can find meaning in their lives. This process of being a better person is a process that they adore.

Using Their Tools

It is not always readily apparent how to make a world that is better or how to turn any person into the person they truly want to be in life. Those at the Religious Centre cope with this process every single day. With their assistance, many people here have found it possible to remake many aspects of their lives from top to toe. They have tools that are easy to understand even for those who have never studied Kabbalah before. The tools they provide are tools that people can learn to apply in all areas of their lives to create a world that is theirs and one that is about becoming a better person in every possible way.

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The Beginnings Of EOS

Chap stick and Blistex used to be the go to for anyone who wanted to keep their lips hydrated. Those two dominating brands were beginning to look and feel like one trick ponies with all the evolution in beauty and cosmetics. Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller saw an opportunity in this market and decided to shake it up with their startup. Jonathan Teller had previous experience in small startups and Sanjiv Mehra had previous experience in brand packaging which gave them leverage in combining their skills and applying it to this endeavor.

The two started by putting a query in to women, specifically the millennial generation that was their target. They found that women wanted more out of a lip balm. They wanted a natural product that tasted and smelled good. They wanted easy application that didn’t involve finger application. They told the two that lip balm application was something they regularly did throughout the day. The two men set to work designing their product and the end result was the spherically shaped EOS lip balms.

Early on the two men decided to invest in their own machinery. They knew from their experience in startups that this would be a wise financial move. Cutting out the middle men allowed them to rely on themselves, their own timelines, and their budget. They were also able to churn out new flavors and packaging colors as demand picked up. It was only later on that they started investing in real marketing that would bring more attention to the brand.

They got their products into the videos of Facebook beauty bloggers, and YouTube beauty gurus. Just one video with an EOS product would land them hundreds of thousands of viewers. They also took traditional routes with beauty magazine ads and celebrity endorsements to Well promote EOS products.

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