Erick Pulier’s Hunt For Technology

Erick Pulier is a worldly known entrepreneur and a philanthropist. His philanthropic work in the past years has played a significant role in building a decent reputation. Erick attended Teaneck High school where he graduated in the year 1984.He was later enrolled at the University of Harvard where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He also pursued American Literature in the year 1988. After completing his University studies, Erick has continued to help through philanthropy works. He is known for targeting economically challenged individuals with the aim of helping them. He has a keen interest in helping children suffering from chronic diseases. With his vast experience as well as academic qualification, Erick has keenly taken into account technological trends in his companies.


Erick’s school life at Harvard University saw him write a regular column for the Harvard Crimson which explored various topics. His content on the column earned him much popularity that portrayed his humor character. In the year 1991, Erick Pulier relocated to Los Angeles. This was after graduating from the Harvard University. His entrepreneurial skills propelled him to start a company in Los Angeles in the same year. He named the company as ‘people doing things’ which gained extreme popularity within a short period. The company’s mission was to offer technological innovation in healthcare as well as education. In the year 1994, Erick expanded his vision by starting another company and named it as ‘Digital Digital Evolution.’ As an interactive agency, the company advanced significantly, and this led to a merger between it and the US Interactive LLC year 1998. For demonstrating technological capability, Erick was chosen to develop the Presidential Technology Exhibition in the year 1997. Erick received this honor from the presidential inaugural committee. As a founder as well as a co-founder of more than fifteen companies, Erick has funded so many organizations in the past years. He has demonstrated a keen interest as well as a passion to technological matters. SOA Software, Media platform, Desktone and US media Interactive are some of the companies that Erick has founded. Erick has proven to be one of the most important individuals in the entire world in matters related to technology.

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