A Good Reason to Toss the Chapped Lip Competition for EOS

Chapped lips are something most people try to avoid and while Chapstick or Blistex used to be the choice that changed. Several years ago a new smooth hydrating lip product hit the store shelves and this is EOS, which is Evolution of Smooth. This not only changed the choices but the flavors of lip balm instead of regular, cherry or mint flavors now there were choices like grapefruit or honeydew.


About EOS Lip Balm

In interviews EOS lip balm has become the second best selling product of this kind behind Burt’s Bees, leaving the longest selling two behind. The current sales figures are over 1 million units a week with no sign of its popularity slowing but projected to increase by Kline Research. The Evolution of Smooth lip product found at walmart.com, Target, and Walgreens has been featured by beauty editors at Cosmo and Allure. The flavors alone attracted attention by these magazines and surely has helped sales. It has become a staple in many women’s makeup bags not only because of the flavor selection, but because it works.

Cofounder of EOS Lip Balm Sanjiv Mehra said they began small to create and distribute their products with Johnathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. They wanted to make a splash in the beauty section in drugstores. Thinking lip treatment was a product used by men and woman they found instead that it is primarily used by women. Then in sensory panels, lip balm users said they would lose the tubes in their handbag. That helped decide to create the pots of lip treatment. Then they found women did not like using their fingers to apply it and it then there was the hygienic factor. Having this information they set out to create a product that would engage users five senses, smell, taste, feel and color. Then they added the clicking sound when it is closed.   Useful link on facebook.com.

More details on https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU

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