Troy McQuagge : A True Leader

USHealth Group has over 15 million customers that are associated with their health plans. The USHealth Group, Inc is in Fort Worth Texas. USHealth Group works through one of its subsidiaries Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance. They provide specific resources that deal with sickness, accident and disability insurance for individuals that are self-employed or small business owners. Recently, Troy McQuagge the President and Chief Executive Officer had won the Gold Winner as CEO of the year from the One Planet Awards.

CEO Troy McQuagge of USHealth Group was recently named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year from the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is a global premier awards program that honors business and professional excelling in all the industries across the globe. McQuagge joined the USHealth Group in 2010 to become the President and CEO. Since the beginning, McQuagge has shown growth, extraordinary success and the profitability has increased in the healthcare market. McQuagge said,” It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition.”

Troy McQuagge had an early start in the insurance world by working at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983 and previously had earned his degree from the University of Central Florida. Later on, during the years in the 90s, he had joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc and later was named the President of the agency. In the year of 2005, UICI`S changed to another company called HealthMarkets and at that time McQuagge had the honor of leading the sales and marketing within the business. He later became President and had established the sales of $1 Billion and was known for his work through the Selling Power Magazine as well as the Stevie Awards. Click here to know more.

In the summer of 2010, McQuagge becomes the President and the CEO of USHealth Advisors. On November of 2013, McQuagge was elected as the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the USHealth Group. During the summer of 2014, Troy McQuagge was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer of USHealth Group. McQuagge has spent his time working for the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and additional affiliates of USHealth Group.

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