Make an Informed Choice on the EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balms are a treat to the lips. The company has a wide range of flavors. The different flavors are meant to suit the preference and varying needs of the clients. Each flavor offers a different experience to the consumer, browse products here.

  • The passion flavor is best suited for soothing the lips. It is most suitable for sensitive lips.
  • The lemon flavor is perfect for use during summer. It keeps the lips safe from exposure to UV rays and keeps them well moisturized.
  • For already damaged lips, the medicated tangerine is the best choice. It is meant to eliminate sores and dryness.
  • Pomegranate raspberry and blueberry acai flavors have the right properties for lips nourishment.
  • The strawberry sorbet is specially made to cure cracked lips. Its pink color also makes it a favorite for many ladies.
  • For people who are struggling with dryness, EOS has the solution. The vanilla flavor helps to lock in the lips’ moisture keeping them hydrated.
  • Mint is refreshing. When it is combined with natural oils to keep the lips healthy, it becomes irresistible. Sweet mint flavor has this combination.
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew is favorable for daily use. It not only has a nice scent but also keeps the lips soft.

In case you cannot make a choice between the awesome EOS flavors, go for the summer fruit. It is a combination of several fruit flavors.

What are you waiting for? Buy your favorite product here on has managed to get ahead of their competition. This is despite the fact that their products have not been on the market for long. EOS lip balms are made from natural products. This makes them suitable for all people. The many flavors they have to ensure that there is a product for everyone. Since most consumers of these products are ladies, the lip balms are packaged in colorful sphere cases.

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