Kabbalah Makes Life More Relaxed

Kabbalah fascinates many non-Jewish Hollywood celebrities. Some of them have made Judaism their religion just because they enjoyed Kabbalah. The association of these stars with Kabbalah all began when Madonna joined Kabbalah Institute in Los Angeles, California. She invested heavenly in learning all there was about the set of wisdom and later opened several Kabbalah centers where people could learn the same. Given her tremendous influence, Madonna drew many celebrities to the faith, including Britney Spears. Albeit some of them took it seriously, others like Britney dropped it after some time saying it was a religion they could use for a rainy day and drop when it’s sunny. The fact that some of the celebrities leave the practice makes rabbis criticize the Institute at Los Angeles, saying they are making a joke of their religion. These rabbis claim that the teachings are only eligible to elder Jews over the age of 40 years and not Hollywood stars.

Celebrities cite different reasons for joining Kabbalah. Some claim that it helps them forget their problems and life’s complications. Case in point, Sandra Bernhard said that when she joined Kabbalah, 80% of the problems in her life were gone. Paris Hilton also claims that when she broke up with her fiancé, Kabbalah helped her as she went to Kabbalah Institute in Los Angeles confessed to everyone. She was then given a red bracelet that helped her to move on and forget. There is still another category of people like Nick Cater who join to be part of a 5000 -year Jewish History. Kabbalah gives them an identity as they become part of the legacy. For more info about us: http://www.newsweek.com/madonnas-kabbalah-disaster-malawi-66447 click here.

Kabbalah Institute

The Kabbalah Institute that is located in Los Angeles is the vision of Philip and Karen Berg, who received the knowledge from two other Ravs. Despite the controversy that surrounds sharing Kabbalah with the world, the couple believes that the Kabbalah wisdom is critical in helping people become productive in the society. They believe that the principles in Kabbalah are life changing and they ought to be taught to all people. Consequently, the institute offers online as well as local classes.

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