Crystal Lip Balm from EOS

Evolution of smooth lip balms are known for their fun little spheres of balm. With a wide variety of colorful spheres all representing a tasty flavored balm inside, there is no wonder this product revolutionized the lip balm market. Prior to EOS, the lip balm market was mainly comprised of clinical looking tubes that were marketed towards male consumers, refer also to The flavors were lacking, those who were in need of lip balm were forced to often choose between peppermint, menthol or cherry. The tubes easily got lost in women’s handbags and when tubs came around, those weren’t much better. EOS recognized the need for change and created a balm in a round fun container that didn’t require the unsanitary action of dipping a finger in to retrieve and apply the product. Follow this site for more cool articles, While EOS lip balms have always been gluten free and Paraben & petrochemical-free now EOS has taken it a step further. In addition to their line that contains SPF and their organic line now EOS has created the completely vegan crystal lip balm line, see this site. This line currently has two flavors available for consumers. Hibiscus Peach comes in a fun peachy colored round sphere and vanilla orchid comes in a creamy colored sphere. These wax free lip balms retail for $4.99 at all major retailers that already carry other EOS lip balms. These clear balms hit store shelves in August of 2017.

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