The EOS Lip Balm Explosion

The Evolution of Smooth is roaring right along as one of the top companies when it comes to lip balm. This company has outshined some of the industry leaders like ChapStick and Blistex. No one may have ever assumed that the Evolution of Smooth would become a company that would be able to do this.

For years the Evolution of Smooth was simply known as a company that was selling lotion and shaving cream. It was not known primarily as a lip balm company. This was something that changed several years ago as the company started to promote lip balm through Walgreens stores. The company started to grow in a very amazing way, and people found themselves fascinated by this lip balm brand. It became the type of company that would build an audience that was comprised of young millenials and teenagers that wanted access to fruit flavored lip balm. You may avail EOS lip balm here on

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The competition was stumped when EOS managed to bring about these colorful spear shaped containers that provided consumers with flavorful lip balm, refer also to There was nothing that the industry leaders like Chapstick had been prepared for. It became evident that the Evolution of Smooth was providing something that was different from what people were experiencing before. The EOS lip balm became something of a novelty. There were even Disney themed lip balm containers, and this would provide the Evolution of Smooth with a brand new way to market to consumers. They were pushing the envelope for creativity, and consumers were taking notice. It would not be long before the Evolution of Smooth rose to the top as one of the most exciting lip balm containers. It became a sensation among millions of consumers that were tired of the old lip balm standard. EOS provided consumers with a wide variety of flavor.

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EOS VS The Competition

One of the most competitive industries on earth is the oral care industry. To be a bit more specific, lip balms are the reason for so much of the competition and the reason for so much of the success. Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, Blistex and others have owned all competitors for nearly a century. These brands are tried and true, but there hasn’t been any new buzz around these contestants lately. On the other hand, EOS has set the industry on fire. EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is today’s best-selling lip balm brand, order now!  It sells around one million units on a weekly basis, and the company is worth an estimated $250 million.

As of now, EOS is the leader of the field, and it has dropped one of the most ingenious lip balm products to date. Crystal lip balms have the spotlight right now thanks to their brilliant array of features. Not only is the packaging different, their finish is also different. Crystal lip balms have a jewel-like appearance, and they’re loaded with extraordinary ingredients such as:

  • Shea Butter
  • Avocado Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • And many more

Unlike other brands, EOS lip balm will give consumers a weightless experience. That’s right! Since they’re wax-free, the user will not have to worry about their lips being weighted down. Can you name another brand that can provide this experience? On top of that, Crystal lip balms are vegan products. The user won’t have to worry about putting dangerous chemicals on their lips, which can have unexpected reactions down the line. The future of the lip balm industry is mighty bright. EOS is in full-control of it all, but who knows what will come from this eclectic style of brand in the future.

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A Review Of EOS And The New Crystal Lip Balm Option

When someone is searching for a lip balm that is made without animal ingredients, they look through all that is out there and find themselves frustrated that they do not have a lot of choices. The EOS Crystal lip balm is something that is vegan, and it is something that stands above anything else out there, view now. This lip balm has a clear appearance, something that makes it beautiful and fun to apply. This EOS lip balm smooths out lips and helps them to feel nourished. Those who want a lip balm that is free of animal products and that really works will find that in the EOS Crystal lip balm.

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Those who turn to the EOS brand for their lip balm needs will find that the brand is unique in the way that they package their lip balms, check The spherical design of the packaging of EOS lip balms causes the balms to be applied to the lips in a unique way. These lip balms are fun to put on, and they do a good job of nourishing the lips.

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The EOS brand is focused on quality, and they are careful in all of the work that they do. They put out products that are unique and different, and they make sure that the ingredients that are used in those products are safe.

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Eric Pulier: A Philanthropist With An Impressive Record

It is impossible to talk about the life of Eric Pulier without discussing his philanthropic initiatives. Eric has made considerable efforts in supporting the activities of the Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle is a camp that caters for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

As a technologist, Eric Pulier has invested his knowledge into the organization. He is currently the vice president of cloud operations for the organization. Eric has invested a lot in terms of money and time to ensure that such children are able to able to enjoys life and most importantly enjoy good summer camp experience.

Eric Pulier also has his hand in the works of Starbright World. This is another organization that deals with taking care of children with special needs. Eric Pulier has invested his expertise in technical matters to create a unique social media platform for children suffering from chronic diseases. Through this platform, these children are able to interact and share their experiences without external disturbances. This platform has helped these children share their health challenges and how they are able to overcome them. This reduces cases of societal stigma.

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Eric Pulier’s record in philanthropy work has been long and impressive. He worked with President Bill Clinton to create cost-effective cloud computing solutions for the needy communities. This was in 1991. He has also been involved in developing multimedia based educational platforms for home-use. One such educational program that he created is one on Multiple Sclerosis. The idea was to educate people on the various facets of this disease.

Eric Pulier is not only a philanthropist but also an author. One of his most successful literary work is “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” This is a book that enumerates in an easy and clear language the topic of SOA. The book is highly rated for its easy readability. Eric has also written for other platforms such as the Forbes.

From the achievements of Eric Pulier, it is clear that his solutions are not only for profit making. He has invested in ideas that address the issues that affect the common man. He has left a mark of excellence in all initiatives he has been part of. Eric Pulier however, remains committed to using his knowledge to help the underprivileged and create products that solve human problems.

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A Candid EOS Lip Balm Review

Take a walk down the aisles of your local drug store and search for the lip balm section. The EOS lip balm will quickly catch your eye. Certainly, this is due to its very unique spherical shape. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is a company that simply exploded on the lip balm scene a few years ago. Their line of natural lip and skin products quickly caught favor with the younger generation that exchanged comments about the product on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube. EOS is constantly improving the products as mentioned in Recently, they introduced the new Vegan Crystal Flavor Lip Balms.


New Appealing Lip Balm

The New Vegan Crystal Flavor Lip Balm is the name of the new EOS Lip Balm. This is a welcomed addition to the lip balm collection. The EOS fans quickly embraced the new beeswax free addition to the lip balm line. The product is packaged in the uniquely shaped container like the other lip balms. Exclusive flavors like Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are wonderful flavors that are designed to soften and smooth even the driest lips. In addition, fans of the lip balm collection should note that the new Vegan variety is crystal clear.

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EOS Successful New Entry

The very successful EOS lip balms are uniquely flavored, include vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil. Clearly, the new Vegan Crystal Flavor Lip Balm is a very big success for EOS too. Their reports show that the new lip balm sold out instantly on their website. However, the product is readily available at numerous retailers across the country. Fans are still scrambling to get their hands on the popular lip balms because they are selling out fast.


Evolution Of Smooth

EOS or Evolution Of Smooth is a very stylish and innovative company that has quickly revolutionized the lip balm industry with their unique line of natural lip balm flavors, more beauty hacks here. The company also produces hand lotions, body lotions, and shaving cream.

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Academy of Arts University – Where Promising Careers Begin

Dreams came true and promising careers emerged recently at the New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2017. Academy of Arts University School of Fashion participated. This is the 21st year for the School of Fashion to acknowledge its rising stars. This art university was the first of its kind to showcase its student’s work at New York Fashion Week. During this Fashion Week, among the graduates that showed a future in fashion were the following –

Jelly Shan, MFA, from Zhejiang, China
Ryan Yu, MFA, from Liaoning, China
Cana Klebanoff, BFA, from Monmouth, New Jersey
Joanna Jadallah, MFA, from Orange County, California
Saya Shen, MFA, from Beijing, China
Carlos Rodriquez, BFA, from Clarksburg, California
Dina Marie Lam, MFA, from Los Angeles, California
Rheanna Oliver-Palanca, MFA, from Kennebunk, Maine
Eden Slezin, MFA, from San Francisco Bay Area
Hailun Zhou, MFA, Qing Dao, China

America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander along with Director of Education and Professional Development of CFDA, Sara Kozlowski, were among the guests in the audience impressed with the ideas, craftsmanship and silhouettes displayed by the future designers.

The Academy of Arts University, formerly known as the Academy of Arts, was founded in 1929 by Richard S Stephens. It is located in San Francisco, California and is the largest accredited privately owned arts university in the United States.

Among the programs offered at the Academy of Arts University are associates, bachelors and masters with 25 different fields of study. With 18,000 students and 274 faculty members, it continues to grow, promote and foster a strong educational background for its many graduates.

In addition to its highly acclaimed educational programs, the Academy of Arts University is also the home of the Academy of Arts Automobile Museum which houses 200 rare and vintage cars worth $70 million.

The Academy of Arts University has its own athletic program called the Urban Knights which consists of various sports for both men and women. Many of its athletes have participated in professional sports as well as the Olympics – Brandon Poulson, Minnesota Twins; Mobalade Ajomale, 2016 Olympics, Bronze Medal; Lindsey Yamaski, WNBA; Jamie Williams, NFL.

Finding Exciting new EOS Lip Balm Flavors

There are many things that EOS is well known for including the quality of the product and ingredients, the lack of artificial ingredients that are included in the lip balm, and of course the unique orb applicator case that differentiates the brand from the competition.

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EOS was first founded by individuals who were branching out from working in personal care companies and saw a real opportunity in what was a stagnant lip balm industry. By identifying the lack of diversity in the lip balm market, EOS was able to create a truly unique offering, read more.

One other thing that separates EOS from the competition is the wide range of flavors out there to choose from. EOS has a wide range of unique flavors that help to set EOS a part from their competition.

Included in their lineup are fruit flavored lip balms like blackberry nectar, strawberry sorbet, and summer fruit. Floral flavors like honeysuckle honeydew, vanilla orchid, and vanilla mint. Alternatively, there are truly different offerings out there like coconut milk and peach blossom.

Sampling a few of these flavors helps to display the true uniqueness of the EOS brand. When you try the strawberry sorbet flavor, as an example, it has the real flavor of strawberries without the medicinal flavor of cherry that many brands have. Vanilla mint is a complex and interesting blend that truly captures a deeper and more nuanced lip balm than vanilla or mint does on its own. Alternatively, the summer fruit lip balm hits you with a strong peach and berry blend that is greater than its parts.

EOS has truly stood out on shelves for the great quality of their products as well as the unique nature of their products. Be sure to try some of the unique blends of lip balm for a full sprinkling of the options that EOS created for you to enjoy. Shop here at