Eric Pulier: A Philanthropist With An Impressive Record

It is impossible to talk about the life of Eric Pulier without discussing his philanthropic initiatives. Eric has made considerable efforts in supporting the activities of the Painted Turtle. Painted Turtle is a camp that caters for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

As a technologist, Eric Pulier has invested his knowledge into the organization. He is currently the vice president of cloud operations for the organization. Eric has invested a lot in terms of money and time to ensure that such children are able to able to enjoys life and most importantly enjoy good summer camp experience.

Eric Pulier also has his hand in the works of Starbright World. This is another organization that deals with taking care of children with special needs. Eric Pulier has invested his expertise in technical matters to create a unique social media platform for children suffering from chronic diseases. Through this platform, these children are able to interact and share their experiences without external disturbances. This platform has helped these children share their health challenges and how they are able to overcome them. This reduces cases of societal stigma.

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Eric Pulier’s record in philanthropy work has been long and impressive. He worked with President Bill Clinton to create cost-effective cloud computing solutions for the needy communities. This was in 1991. He has also been involved in developing multimedia based educational platforms for home-use. One such educational program that he created is one on Multiple Sclerosis. The idea was to educate people on the various facets of this disease.

Eric Pulier is not only a philanthropist but also an author. One of his most successful literary work is “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” This is a book that enumerates in an easy and clear language the topic of SOA. The book is highly rated for its easy readability. Eric has also written for other platforms such as the Forbes.

From the achievements of Eric Pulier, it is clear that his solutions are not only for profit making. He has invested in ideas that address the issues that affect the common man. He has left a mark of excellence in all initiatives he has been part of. Eric Pulier however, remains committed to using his knowledge to help the underprivileged and create products that solve human problems.

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