Rocketship Education Is A Lot More Than A Charter School

Angelica Del Rio teaches at Rocketship Discovery Prep in California. She is a literacy teacher, and best defined by her determination, and hope. She never truly believed she would be able to legally remain in the United States, graduate from college, or be able to teach, yet she never gave up hope. Her family immigrated to San Jose from Tijuana, and they experienced many difficult years. Her father was a hard worker, but their accommodations were cramped, and she did not live in a home until she turned five. Her father’s determination to save made this possible, and he was equally determined she receive top grades in school.

Although Angelica experienced bumps in her schooling, she did extremely well until she was ready for college. She was undocumented, had no social security number, and could not afford the tuition. She discovered a law that would enable her to attend a UC school, and her tuition would be less because she would only have to pay for an in-state resident. She ended up attending a community college because the other tuition was still too high. Her hard work, and determination resulted in her attendance at San Jose State.

President Obama gave her the right to legally remain in the country, and apply for a work permit when he passed the DACA Act. Her life began when she found Rocketship Discovery Prep because they gave her a chance, and she was hired as part of the support staff. Angelica became a substitute teacher, and earned the right to teach Literacy to the first-grade class. Rocketship helped her through her struggles, gave her support, and she learned quickly. They are committed to the students, the community, and teachers just like Angelica.

The support Angelica received from Rocketship allowed her to give back to the community, and make her dream of becoming a teacher a reality. She knows there is nowhere else she would rather develop her teaching skills, make an impact on her community, and pass on her dedication, determination, and hope. Rocketship is much more than a building a child goes to for an education. They are a support system, a believer in dreams, a group of individuals who give kids hope for their futures, and a place filled with teachers who care.

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