Mike Baur- life before Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and the managing partner of the biggest startup Factory in Switzerland. Swiss Startup Factory started its operation in 20124. It was started by Mike Baur alongside one of his friends at the Berne University, Max Meister. Swiss Startup Factory is the leading independently owned startup company in Switzerland. Being independent, the company is free from interference by political organizations or any other organizations in the country. Mike Baur describes SSUF as a factory that is producing businesses in the country. Mike Baur have a lot of experience in the business world, having been an executive leader in the Swiss banking sector for many years. In his tenure in the banking sector, he has worked with influential and wealthy individuals in the country to realize worthy business investments.

Mike Baur started working in the banking sector while he was 16 years. This was a very young age for someone to be working in such a big career. Mike Baur was first employed as an intern in one of the largest bank in the country known as Union Bank of Switzerland. His job in the bank was commendable. He even won the prestigious rarefied award, which was very interesting since no one had won it at such a young age. He was offered a long term contract at the bank which would see him spend his entire banking career in the bank. He was to undergo a series of promotions before his retirement. Mike Baur’s work at the company was recognized by the bank and even before he reached the age of 30, he was given the responsibility of advising the bank’s clients on investment options that they could utilize. As an advisor of the bank, he had the opportunity of sitting down with wealthy individuals in the country and offer them investment advice.

Mike Baur career at the bank would come to an end in 2008 when he left the bank willingly even before his retirement as earlier agreed. According to him the global economic crisis of 2008, had presented a tough situation for the bank. He later moved to another bank known as Clariden Leu. At Clariden Leu, he worked for a 6 years and left the banking industry.

In 2014, he started his own companies. One was the Swiss Startup Factory and the second one was Think Reloaded. SSUF was for mentoring and training young entrepreneurs while Think Reloaded was meant for the wealthy individuals in the society.


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