EOS Crystal Collection Receives Amazing Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I just feel GOOD after using my little EOS lip balms. I have a little collection I keep in a bowl on my dresser and there is just something about selecting which little sphere I want to tote in my purse that makes me smile. I love that the products are made out of organic products and that each scent is typically either a fusion of two delicious flavors or one that is crafted to be extra decadent, like the Strawberry Sorbet.

One reason I likely get so cheerful when using my EOS is because the brand takes an interesting approach to their lip balms that engage all five senses says thedermreview.com. The colorful orbs are a gorgeous sight and the sphere is ergonomically designed for touch. The soft little click when closing an orb is fun for the ears and, of course, the taste and smell of each carefully curated flavor is a pleasure. The level of detail that EOS put into the design of their product is astounding.

EOS has two new gems in its stunning collection of lip balms: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. However, these two lip balms are like none we have ever seen. They are called EOS Crystal Lip Balm and for the very first time, EOS balm is completely crystal clear! That’s right, you can see right through your little sphere to the other side.

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The Crystal Lip Balm will also have a slight slant. This will make it easier to apply with precision than the traditional fully-round lip balms. Having a slight slant should also contribute to the longevity of your EOS products. There is no beeswax in the Crystals, making them perfectly suitable for vegans. As always, all EOS products use organic ingredients and are certified as cruelty free.

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