Clay Siegall: Providing Innovation in Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall is an entrepreneur in the field of medicine. He co-founded the Seattle Genetics company in order to provide innovative ways of dealing with diseases such as cancer. He has been vocal in advocating for alternatives to the treatment of cancer by minimizing pain and sufferings of patients. Siegall was drawn to the specialization due to his observations on the great effects chemotherapy had on patients and its role in aggravating patients’ problems. He was determined to providing efficient and effective care that would lessen the burden of cancer and help patients live longer.

Dr. Siegall interview with the Inspirery outlined his passion and his drive to starting out the company. He believes Seattle Genetics has provided patients with a well-balanced healthcare to provide relief to ailments and minimize the great danger paused by prolonged illnesses. He tells Inspirery that the company took close to a decade before it started making profits but he was dedicated to ensuring its growth to become a preferred cancer treatment centre. He speaks on its source of income and gives insights into their technologies and processes, which are developed and licensed to draw in revenue. The company also sells drugs it manufacturers which are a major source of revenue.

Clay Siegall studied zoology at Maryland University before proceeding to obtain his PhD in genetics at George Washington University. His passion for medicine led to his extensive experience working for various drug-manufacturing companies. He was qualified to take up positions that helped him acquire skills and expertise to excel as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Siegall worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute after graduating from 1991 to 1995. He held the position of a senior research investigator, which gave him an avenue to practice medicine and kick-start, his career. He also served as a principal scientist in the same institution and acquired adequate skills in research. He serves as a director at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical as well as Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical association. Dr. Siegall has served at different capacities at Seattle Genetics that include his current positions as the chief executive officer and president.

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