EOS Releases Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Option

EOS has released a fresh product that is exciting and different. The brand is known for its unique packaging, but the new lip balm that they put out is unique even from other products that the brand has created. The Crystal lip balm from EOS is see-through. This lip balm is free of color and it is pretty. Not only is the new lip balm see-through, but it is also vegan. This lip balm is something that was crafted by the EOS brand without the use of animal products of any kind. The Crystal lip balm from EOS is something that stands out from other products out there – including other products created by EOS.

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There are many lip balm brands out there, but EOS is one that is known for quality. This is a brand that uses only the best kinds of ingredients in the products that they create, see this. They work hard to put together ingredients that are good for the lips and that help the lips to be smooth and healthy.

EOS is a brand that has put out a wide variety of lip balm products. They have lip balm options out in a mix of flavors, buy here at amazon.com. They have lip balms in sphere shaped containers and they have lip balms out in more traditional containers. This brand is always creating beautiful and high-quality products.

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EOS new Crystal Lip Balm Shines through

Vegans were long left out in the dark without a drear lip balm to call their own. While many lip balms are technically vegan as they are based on petroleum jelly, they are not high quality like EOS’ is.

EOS has prided themselves on providing consumers with a great organic and all natural lip balm that is based on oils that provide lasting Lip protection. The only catch is that they have small amounts of Beeswax and are therefore not organic. By making a better product EOS attracted a loyal and dedicated presence in the market and expanded quickly. Check also usmagazine.com for more awesome news.

Finding a way to keep up their consistently great quality and to make their Lip Balm Vegan was truly a challenge but EOS was able to effectively do so with their new Crystal lip balm. They also made several notable improvements to it in the process as well.

I sampled EOS crystal lip balm for the first time trying both flavors that they have for sale; vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus, read more. While I was left wanting new flavors as EOS is known for their diverse product line of great flavor combinations, these two flavors were diverse, interesting, and kept me feeling fresh. You can’t even tell a true difference from EOS crystal when compared to the standard lip balm flavors and it provides the lasting freshness that users truly love.

Vegans finally have a great lip balm that they can call their own. Try it and experience a powerful Vegan Lip Balm, see here at allure.com.

Further EOS redesigned them much loved applicator making it less round and easier to stand on a countertop or bed stand. The color of EOS crystal is clear and goes on smooth without any residue on your lips and fulfills the promise of the brand with a great lip balm for users.

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Pumpkin spice lip balm flavor pleases customers

After an insanely successful launch of its Crystal line of vegan lip balms, EOS Lip Balms has done it again. Fresh off the heels of introducing two outstanding flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, EOS has released the flavor to top all other lip balm flavors. Natural Pumpkin Spice, available here at makeupalley.com. When fall arrives, so do cooler temperatures, sweaters and pumpkin spice. You put it in your latte, your body spray, your candles and now, your lip gloss. EOS Lip Balms has paired Natural Pumpkin Spice with Organic Vanilla Bean in a limited edition holiday duo. It’ll be a perfect stocking stuffer, or if you want, put the Organic Vanilla Bean in the stocking, and keep the Natural Pumpkin Spice for yourself! The limited edition duo is inexpensive, costing under $6 at retailers and online.

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EOS Lip Balms keeps developing new flavors and lip balms that consumers love. When the brand first hit Walgreens shelves back in 2010, it ultimately upended the oral care industry. When it came to lip balm, oral care hadn’t changed much in nearly a hundred years. Most lip balm brands focused on the medicinal aspects of the product, and they tasted like medicine. The products came in three flavors: cherry, peppermint and, of course, original. Lip Balm was sold in a plain tube that was pretty dull. EOS was totally different. The flavor combinations were fun and tasted good, and the packaging did away with boring, and instead embraced bright coloring and a neat, distinctive shape. Competitors were surprised, and retailers took notice. EOS Lip Balms got its start in Walgreen’s stores across the nation but were soon found in every major drugstore imaginable. Today, EOS Lip Balms is the second best selling lip balm in North America, and its popularity is only increasing.

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