The EOS Lip Balm Explosion

The Evolution of Smooth is roaring right along as one of the top companies when it comes to lip balm. This company has outshined some of the industry leaders like ChapStick and Blistex. No one may have ever assumed that the Evolution of Smooth would become a company that would be able to do this.

For years the Evolution of Smooth was simply known as a company that was selling lotion and shaving cream. It was not known primarily as a lip balm company. This was something that changed several years ago as the company started to promote lip balm through Walgreens stores. The company started to grow in a very amazing way, and people found themselves fascinated by this lip balm brand. It became the type of company that would build an audience that was comprised of young millenials and teenagers that wanted access to fruit flavored lip balm. You may avail EOS lip balm here on

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The competition was stumped when EOS managed to bring about these colorful spear shaped containers that provided consumers with flavorful lip balm, refer also to There was nothing that the industry leaders like Chapstick had been prepared for. It became evident that the Evolution of Smooth was providing something that was different from what people were experiencing before. The EOS lip balm became something of a novelty. There were even Disney themed lip balm containers, and this would provide the Evolution of Smooth with a brand new way to market to consumers. They were pushing the envelope for creativity, and consumers were taking notice. It would not be long before the Evolution of Smooth rose to the top as one of the most exciting lip balm containers. It became a sensation among millions of consumers that were tired of the old lip balm standard. EOS provided consumers with a wide variety of flavor.

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