Wengie Has Awesome DIY Hacks For Back To School


YouTuber Wengie just released an interesting new video on back to school DIY hacks. Wengie promises that anyone should be able to do these DIY projects because Wengie herself isn’t all too great with crafts. This video is called “12 DIY School Supplies HACKS Everyone Should Try For Back To School!


Want to add some extra pizzazz to your highlighter? Wengie suggests taking a yellow highlighter and putting a dab of pink highlighter on one edge of the marker tip. Then put a bit of blue on the other side of the marker. Now you should have a rainbow colored highlighter.


If you have boring ballpoint pens, you can jazz them up with one of Wengie’s hacks. First, mix two tablespoons of water and some glue in a bowl. Grab your pen’s container with the ink cartridge taken out, then put the pen over an empty bowl. Pour in the glue mixture. Before the glue dries, funnel in some fancy glitter. The glitter will immediately stick to the sides of the pen container.


Feel like writing with a feather quill? Wengie has got you covered. You can pick up feathers at a local craft store and decorate them however you want. Then, cut of the stem of the feather to reveal an opening. Put a pen cartridge into the opening and, voila, you have your own amazing olden times pen.


Let’s face it, staples are pretty boring. That’s why Wengie suggests taking your favorite sharpie and coloring all of your staples. Now your staples won’t have to be just silver any more.