Clear As Crystal: EOS’s New Lip Balm Product

EOS or Evolution of Smooth has been a leading company in lip balms and skin care products. The traditional EOS lip balm exploded all over the internet, being popular with DIYers. Now, the classic EOS got a new product introduced. The new EOS Crystal is completely clear. It is wax free, making it also vegan. On top of being vegan, the new crystal clear lip balm is packed with five essential oils to help keep customer’s lips smooth and healthy.

The new line of EOS will be available in two unique scents, hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. These will be out in August and will retail for $4.99. The classic EOS will still be available along side its new sister in the same line.

The new design is in a pod that is a bit different than the classic lip balm, but still unique just as the company is known for, read this amazing review.

When the new product was announced, EOS put this on their Instagram post on August 5: “Clear as Crystal. Smooth as eos. Say hello to every girl’s NEW best friend”. It is clear as crystal that is product will be a smash success, especially since it is the first vegan product in their line, refer also to

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Tidal is Rising Desiree Perez is Bringing this Company to the Top

Desiree Perez has been an excellent source of help for Jay-Z and his Tidal music streaming brand. She really has the ability to show people that there’s more to music streaming then Spotify and I Heart Radio. She has done such a great job with this service that companies like Apple have even considered purchasing Tidal from Jay-Z. Even more recently Sprint has invested in the Tidal brand, and this may be the thing that helps take Tidal to the top.

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It’s hard to reach the top without a game plan, and it appeared that this is the problem that Jay Z had in the beginning. He had enough money to buy Tidal so this wasn’t a problem. He also had an efficient amount of money to gain the star power to connect consumers to this music streaming service. What he did not have was the proper leadership with a vision to bring this company to another level. That is where Desiree Perez came into the picture. She was someone that had a vision and the skills to negotiate the contract to make her vision come to fruition.

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Customers are able to witness the growth of Tidal because someone like Desiree Perez has come forth to solidify the value that she knew Tidal had. There is a lot more room for growth now that there is a connection with Sprint. This company can introduce a lot more people to Tidal by preloading the Tidal app on Sprint phones. This can definitely increase the awareness of this music streaming service. It is all a part of a greater way to market Tidal against the competition. This is another great plan that Desiree Perez has been able to put into place. She has been about to take Tidal to a new place.


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