Robert Ivy Killing Naysayers Holistic Approach Not Too Late!

The AIA (American Institute of Architects) installed Robert Ivy as National CEO and EVP in 2011. With this installation, he’s orchestrating actionable resolve to quell the ongoing outcry of architects, advocacy groups, and architecture firms. He’s established that deploying a repositioning agenda to address the unique challenges and socioeconomic issues associated with architecture is key. Having developed an aptness to analyze architect’s profound responsibility, he’s committed to reestablishing dialogue with professionals through advocacy. Ivy understands the career principles with clarity; and strives to raise awareness of its role in buttressing a nation’s infrastructural development.

In conjunction with the AIA, Ivy has undertaken numerous projects aimed at improving infrastructure and redirecting human factors. He’s constantly in pursuit of avenues to access deeper intelligence on architects value in today’s market. Back in 2012, he promised to incorporate a wellness culture within the architecture practice. The proposal intrigued over a thousand global leaders when Ivy addressed the Clinton Global Initiative. The decade-long initiative drives the agenda of prioritizing environmental health and ergonomics to architecture. Amid concerns of sustainability challenges, the worsening public health crisis and more, Ivy promised enterprising technological and infrastructural developments. He’s optimistic about how such projects can remedy the nation’s ongoing socioeconomic challenges that have dwarfed its infrastructural development.

A pioneering visionary and champion executive, Ivy holds a Master’s in Architecture from Louisiana’s prestigious Tulane University. At the nontraditional University of the South, he studied English and received a Bachelor’s degree with Cum Laude distinction. As professional, he’s demonstrated expertise and creative leadership that has earned him global recognition. He served McGraw-Hill Construction editorial director and vice president before his appointment as CEO/EVP of the AIA. At the leading American Architecture Magazine, “Architectural Record,” Ivy supervised 17 digital and 16 print publications as chief editor.

His lifetime contribution as a media industry elite also earned him a G.D. Crain Award. He’s earned Architectural Record 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, as it dominated the category of journalism. ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors) also nominated the magazine for its trade journal, adding a National Magazine Award for General Excellence to the collection. Ivy has an association with CICA (International Circle of Architecture Critics), where he’s a distinguished member.