Cool Refreshing Relief for Lips In A Memorable Container

There is nothing more distracting than chapped dry lips. EOS, (short for Evolution of Smooth) creates its all natural lip balm with skin loving jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E for lip nourishment and long lasting relief without that medicated, chemical taste.

The sweet mint, my personal favorite, comes in a pale blue-green sphere. Swiping this cool flavor over your lips provides instant relief after a day in salt water, feeling as delicious as its minty smell and mild mint taste.

Blackberry-Vanilla flavor, in the lavender-swirl container, smells and tastes like a blackberry tart and, like all EOS flavors, leaves your lips feeling as cool as a drink of ice water after a long hike in summer. Refer also to this cool site,

The round shape of the pods helps them stay put in the pocket of a bike jersey. They fit well and remain secure in a deep pocket of your cargo shorts for that all day trip to the amusement park. Keep a creme colored pod of vanilla flavor in the center console in your car. A lemon flavored balm is easy to see with its yellow swirled sphere inside a backpack and will keep citrus-hating flying insects away. Throw a blueberry flavored one in your carry on and an orange pod of mango flavor in your purse. Wherever you put them, these little round pods of refreshment can be located easily by touch, making them safe to reach for on mile 300 of a road trip and easily grabbed on a packed flight.

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EOS lip balm comes in many flavors, packaged in colors that coincide with the flavors inside. Easily identified in these signature pods, EOS can be found in drug stores, grocery stores and large markets like Target and Wal-Mart; as well as in online searches for lip balm. Buy your products here!

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