Taking The High Road With Highland Capital

Although unfortunate, it remains a rarity for businesses to consider the well-being of the communities that they serve. To expound further, several businesses lack the goodwill possessed by Highland Capital. Not only is Highland Capital a multi-billion dollar company, it remains a prominent figure and various parts of the world. Aside from its invaluable wealth obtained from investing, the company chose to make a difference in the lives of millions. Whether during a natural disaster or during a relief campaign, Highland Capital has remained an ally to various non-profit organizations. To begin, Highland Capital opened its doors in 1993. In addition, James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company. For those unaware, Highland Capital remains an SEC-registered firm. To this day, the company boasts over $15 billion dollars worth of assets.


Moreover, it remains an industry leader with years of expertise. Due to its status, the company holds the distinction of being one of the most endowed alternative credit managers. To expound further, Highland Capital specializes in numerous areas. This includes credit strategies, credit hedge funds, separate accounts, and so forth. Due to Highland Capital’s large install base, the company offers several goods and services such as pension plans and endowments. Although it has numerous operations worldwide, the company remains headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As stated previously, the company values the communities that it serves. Due to its philanthropic efforts, the company fought on the front line against adversity.


To date, the company has donated over $10 million dollars to charitable causes. Moreover, Highland Capital Management has a portfolio on the NASDAQ. For those unaware, the NASDAQ remains a global leader regarding trade. Due to NASDAQ’s efforts, companies from around the world come together to trade. Moreover, it gives its customers the ability to develop a plan of action with an unforeseen amount of security. Aside from being an industry leader, NASDAQ utilizes the latest technology to secure global capital markets. In fact, the company remains the world’s first electronic stock market. To expound further, it has operations in 50 countries. In closing, the NASDAQ remains valued at $9.3 trillion dollars.