Drew Madden Is A Healthcare Expert

Healthcare is an integral part of modern society. 117 years ago, at the turn of the nineteenth century, the worldwide average life expectancy was only 47 years of age. In modern-day Japan, the average person lives over 80 years; in the United States of America, most live over the age of 75.

The United States is home to arguably the best healthcare field in the world. It’s also host to the most costly healthcare, as the United States government expends about $9,300 per capita in regards to healthcare, between two and five times as much as other fully-developed countries. Although such money hasn’t resulted in proportionately better health outcomes and life expectancies in comparison with the rest of planet earth, the important thing herein is there’s lots of room for companies to capitalize off of the United States’ healthcare industry.

CVS Corporation – whose sole venture is CVS Pharmacy, the largest such chain in America – recently announced that it is considering the purchase of Aetna, one of the largest insurance giants in the United States. Many people believe that CVS is considering the move to protect itself against Amazon, who is considering getting into the field of healthcare.

Amazon is a tech giant, with a digital shopping interface better than any other in the United States. They’ve got virtually nothing to lose, as with the credit Amazon boasts, including the mounds of assets under their ownership, Amazon can test any venture they want, and still bounce onto their feet in the event of failure.

Amazon got approval to engage in the trade of equipment directly involved in health. Although Amazon can’t dispense any medicine like CVS Pharmacy can, Amazon is certainly on the path to doing so. CVS Pharmacy needs to keep up the good work, or else Amazon is slated to take over.

One expert in the field of healthcare-related information technology, Drew Madden thinks that Amazon is likely to go far in the field. He’s an expert, as he helped the consulting group Nordic Consulting Partners grow to never-before-seen proportions, including boosting its revenue 130 times previous records.