Highlight’s Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is making a huge impact in the public safety field. They are the leader when it comes to developing new techniques and technologies in order to create a safer environment for everyone. Their largest clients are correction facilities. They are all over the country, but their work is known worldwide. Since one of their biggest clients is the US government, they are highly respected for what they are capable of doing.


In order for the public to understand more about what they do, they published an article that lists out several comments and reviews about the work that they do for their clients. The comments are positive, and the clients tell the company how much the technologies in safety have benefited them.


They have also shown the public that they are welcome at their TX location. There they will receive a presentation which will allow them to see what the company is working on and why it is so important.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in safety. They have videos that they allow the prisoners to use at the facilities that they conduct business with. Using the video equipment keeps everyone safer. The prisoner, the staff and the visitors are all happier because of this technology.


When Securus Technologies develops more unique ways of handling the public safety, they do so every week of the year. They are able to implement these technologies because of their highly trained and professional staff. They will continue to uphold their lead in the public safety field, and look forward to a safer world for all mankind.


More Families Using the Securus System

There has never been a better time to check out Securus than right now because of the different services that they have implemented for prison families all over the country. Security is one of the top prison communication systems and services in the country right now and it is being used by thousands of people who would like greater control over the communication that they have with their loved ones. The prison system makes it very difficult for you to keep in touch with loved ones because of all of the security measures that are put into place and this is why it is very important for you to look into a system like this to close that Gap.


One of the great things about using Securus is the fact that everything that they Implement is safe and secure for just about anything that you are looking to achieve. They have also launched a multi-state campaign that is enabling people to keep in touch and find out more about video visitation in a secure manner. This is something that you will find to be beneficial in your life no matter how often you would like to be able to use it just by turning on your home computer or laptop and getting a chance to use the software that you have downloaded.


Using Securus has also changed my own life when a good friend of mine went to prison. I could not get to the prison because it was nowhere near located to where I was living at the time and it was something that I felt could allow us both to have greater personal connection with each other without worrying that we were not able to see each other face-to-face because of the fact that I cannot make it to the prison itself.


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Despite Allegations by GTL Securus Continues To Improve Services

Securus Technologies Inc which is known to be a leading organization in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety, solutions, monitoring, investigation, and correction. The company recently issued revisions to GTL press release that was issued on 7th June 2016. GTL’s press release contained several statements that we find to be misleading and inaccurate. The primary purpose of the press release is to provide clarification to the GTL’s false accusations.

Some of the allegations that GTL accused us are listed below;

  1. GTL expressed their gratitude saying that PTAB determined all the innovations were patentable and GTL was now free to move back to court to` protect their technology that enables law enforcers to monitor video visits. Securus believes that despite the claims by GTL, PTAB did not conclude any of the claimed innovations patentable; instead, they said they would not evaluate the asserts.
  2. With the current decisions by the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board on GTL’s U.S patent no.7256816 authorizes GTL to go ahead with a fourth PTAB validated patent to seek order and damages that Securus caused. On the other hand in Securus, we believe that because the case in Texas Federal Court stayed, GTL is unable to move forward to seek relief for their claims in the District Court.

Securus Technologies trusts that GTL is very aware that patent cases in courts takes time and consumes millions of dollars to pursue the case and as a result, we wonder if the allegations made by GTL makes sense in regards to the well-being of their company. We in Securus will continue to protect our business from GTL’s attacks while doing all we can to respond to GTL’s recent approach.

Our Headquarters is located in Dallas Texas, and we have been serving more than 3450 law enforcement agencies, public safety, and correctional facilities. We are also responsible for providing our services to more than 12000000 inmates across Northern America. Our organization recently teamed up with Jpay to provide digitized payment, communication, education, and entertainment in correctional institutions. With the introduction electronic payment, emails, and a host of entertainment and educational apps by JPay, we will improve our services to our customers.