EOS Lip Balm Summer Fruit

Summer Fruit is a lovely Evolution of Smooth (EOS) flavor. This flavor is composed of the combination of blueberry, strawberry and peach co-existing to form a tasty flavor reminiscent of summer. Summer fruit is made from fruit extracts and vitamin E rich moisturizers creating a tasty, thick and soothing lip balm.

Combining blueberry, strawberry and peach extract flavors is responsible for the savory smell and taste of summer fruit. These flavors alone create the pleasant aroma the lip balm generates. It has the sweet smell of candied mixed berries. When used, it has the taste of a mixed berry flavored candy. Hit this page.

Eos’s summer fruit lip balm is perfectly packaged to delight the eyes with the orb’s pink color. As usual, the softening process of the ointment leaves the lips moist, soft and smooth, with each application meeting the expectations of the user. The hydration of the lips is thorough, leaving them softer, visibly hydrated and moist to the touch.

Summer fruit’s smell is very mellow, so it doesn’t interfere with a lip color’s more pronounced fragrance. It is a good base to apply before lip color is used, because the user can always be certain that they are treating their lips well. By applying the thick coating of balm before ant lip color, the user is sure to condition her lips successfully for the day. Shop here on ebay.com.

Of the flavors and there are many, summer fruit seems to be the most candy like fruit flavor, see more on walmart.ca. While it still maintains a fruity base with its organic and healthy ingredients, it crosses over into decadence with its sweet smell and taste. Coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and shea butter provide the emollients that moisturize and soften the lips. Vitamin E provides the antioxidants that prolong the youth of the lips. All of these features combine to create the winning EOS flavored lip balm, summer fruit.

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Bring EOS Lip Balm Flavors With You On Vacation

A vacation is an ideal time to get away from it all. The chance to relax and let go of your cares is a welcome opportunity in today’s world. When you’re on vacation, you want your vacation to be days full of fun. At Evolution of Smooth, we know just how you feel. You want products you can count on no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We know you want to have a choice of lip balms that you can bring with you and take out easily in case you need it. This is why we offer special flavors that are totally portable and feel great the second you use them. Move on douglas.de for more.


EOS, Your Choice When Traveling

When you’re traveling, you want to have something that will make you feel as special as possible whether you’re traveling to that vacation place or have already gone there. You can take our flavors such as Lemon Drop with a SPF of fifteen that will protect your lips from the sun and add a fresh feel at the same time. Many other flavors are popular with those who love to travel. Some of our customer’s favorites include strawberry sorbet, summer fruit and fresh mint, click here for details. Each has a lovely hint of color and aroma that helps make any vacation experience even better.


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Fits in Any Suitcase

EOS lip balm products are designed to fit into any suitcase or other traveling bag. Put one of our spheres in your makeup kit or your personal purse and you’ll be assured of having fresh lips that aren’t chapped all day long. You can slip an EOS lip balm into your shorts pocket or your locker at the pool and then bring it out when you want to make sure your lips are protected as you splash in the sun.