EOS Product Review Highlights the Company’s Strengths

Launching products from Evolution of Smooth (EOS) always stir a buzz. Of late, the company added a new product to its wide range of portfolios. The Vegan flavored lip balm has everyone rushing to the stores. It is appealing to the loyal EOS customers and captivating to potential customers. The response from the market was an impulse purchase in the online stores hours after its launch. Soon after, customers flocked the local stores to make purchases. The company is set to take a bigger market share due to;


New Organic Products

With the launch of the vegan crystal flavored lip balm, the company has attracted customers who are sensitive to animal products. In the previous products, the lip balms contained beeswax which is an animal product. The vegan flavored lip balm is rid of the wax. Additionally, it adopts a clear balm enabling the customers to see through to the lip product.



Products from EOS are sold at relatively low prices. Each package goes for $5.49, buy here. A quality product at such a rate lures the customer and consequently, leads to improved sales.



Unlike the cylindrical tubes made by Chapstick, EOS developed pastel-colored lip balm orbs. The orbs became appealing to most customers. As a result, their popularity went up, and they began popping up in every local store.



An Item is as good as the people who wear or advertise it. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian began using the orbs and sooner than later, the EOS brand became a globally recognized brand.

Evolution of Smooth is a company that deals with the production of beauty products. They provide a wide variety of products ranging from lip balms, hand lotions, and shaving creams. The company has a network of retail distributors across the United States and Canada. Additionally, customers can purchase from the company’s online store.

EOS began in 2009. They embarked on creating a healing product. Pricing the final product at $3 did not provide a competitive base. Chopstick’s products still, by far outdid EOS. Today, with the introduction of new flavors, exquisite designs, and proper advertisement, EOS is set to command the highest market share in the lip balm industry.

Visit EOS’ official website here on evolutionofsmooth.de for more great news.