A Review Of EOS And The New Crystal Lip Balm Option

When someone is searching for a lip balm that is made without animal ingredients, they look through all that is out there and find themselves frustrated that they do not have a lot of choices. The EOS Crystal lip balm is something that is vegan, and it is something that stands above anything else out there, view now. This lip balm has a clear appearance, something that makes it beautiful and fun to apply. This EOS lip balm smooths out lips and helps them to feel nourished. Those who want a lip balm that is free of animal products and that really works will find that in the EOS Crystal lip balm.

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Those who turn to the EOS brand for their lip balm needs will find that the brand is unique in the way that they package their lip balms, check allure.com. The spherical design of the packaging of EOS lip balms causes the balms to be applied to the lips in a unique way. These lip balms are fun to put on, and they do a good job of nourishing the lips.

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The EOS brand is focused on quality, and they are careful in all of the work that they do. They put out products that are unique and different, and they make sure that the ingredients that are used in those products are safe.

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The Making of EOS Lip Balms

When it comes to protecting your health and using natural ingredients, you probably spend more time thinking about what goes in your mouth instead of what goes on it. Fortunately, EOS lip balms have you covered. With a whole line of Organic Smooth Spheres, they have plenty of delicious flavors you can try out that are gluten free and all natural. Go and visit this similar site, frenchtribune.com.

These delectable and affordable fruit themed lip balms come in tantalizing flavors like Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Passion Fruit, and Pomegranate Raspberry just to name a few. Each flavor is 95% organic and 100% natural. They are paraben, petrolatum and phthalate free. Your lips will be nourished by Shea Butter, vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. The unique round lip balm container is easily gripped with balm that goes on clear in one swipe. Browse products here on evolutionofsmooth.ca.

EOS lip balms have revolutionized how people nourish their lips. While traditional chapstick dominated the market for more than a century in traditional cylindrical casing, EOS broke the mold offering new flavors in new packaging. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, which is fitting since it has evolved the lip care industry and driven growth in oral care. EOS looked at trends in the industry and how they failed to meet the preferences of consumers, so they developed a product that broke the mold. The size and shape of each balm is ideal while still allowing application without using fingers to spread the balm on. They succeeded in producing a useful and revolutionary new product that won’t be a passing fad. EOS’s lip balms engage all five senses, even making a satisfying click when the lid is screwed on, and provides organic ingredients without driving up costs. Browse products here on evolutionofsmooth.ca.

At prices of less than $5 each, try out some of EOS’s fun flavors today, and find out what sets EOS apart. Buy now!