Investing in transparency

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros has emerged as an international political figure, philanthropist and a hugely successful financier. He’s been a supporter of democratic ideals and other causes beyond 30 years.

Born during the communist domination of Hungary, Soros survived the Nazi occupation and fled to England where he ended up graduating from the internationally renowned London School of Economics. Settling in the United States, George Soros founded and managed his international investment fund and accumulated a fortune.

Soros Fund Management is an American investment management firm. This firm on is the primary advisor for a family of funds dealing with international investments called the Quantum Group of Funds. Headquartered in New York City, they were established in 1969 and are noted to be the most profitable hedge funds in history. Investments in public equity, venture capital, fixed income markets; retail, transportation industries, foreign currency, commodities and private equity have provided considerable growth in the last 40 years.

According to his website, George has been an active philanthropist since 1979. The Open Society Foundation works to promote human rights, open society and transparency on He began by providing funds in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa for black students to attend University after South Africa’s apartheid era. Open Society Foundation provides grants for hand picked organizations which are invited to submit applications. Occasionally an open call will be made to the general public for organizations to solicit proposals. Individuals can be awarded fellowships, through work on a project in a field aligned within the foundation’s ideals on Attendance at affiliated universities can help individuals receive scholarships. More information on grants and fellowships, plus the possibility of applying for multiple grants are also listed within the Open Society Website, which is

Books & Essays
Author of over a dozen books as well as appearing in major newspapers, magazines with articles, essays on politics, society and economics, he has developed a large loyal following. Titles of various books at include The Soros Lectures which distills a broad overview from a lifetime of thinking on finance and capitalism. Books on globalization, capitalism, democracy are also intertwined with tomes about financial ideals and reasons for downfalls of certain system failures.

The pillar of liberal progressivism, the largest funder of the American Democratic party, George has been the ultimate counterweight since the 9-11 terrorism attack and funded the organization This site is all about Democracy in Action; petitioning for better lives in working families, getting people to take constructive action by actively making things happen in their local communities. Local communities that take action can inspire a country to take action. This effort will transpire in a world that takes action against human rights abuses or intolerance.