Raj Fernando Success in the Trading Industry

Raj Fernando is a well-known businessman from the United States. He has done very well in his career as a trader. Several years ago, he founded a company known as Chopper Trading. His skills in trading played a huge role in the success of the enterprise, making Raj very popular. Chopper Trading has earned the businessman a lot of revenue in the past, and it has also opened several branches in the globe.

Before starting Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando had worked in various institutions. At one time, he was working with a company known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange based in Chicago. He did very well in this company, and his contributions are recognized to date. Before working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Raj Fernando was working with the Chicago Board of Trade, a respected trading institution in the country. Working in these companies gave him the experience and expertise needed to excel in trading.
Raj Fernando is also one of the most popular cash bond traders in the country. He had to work in cash bond trading companies in the past, acquiring the experience needed. He was once an employee of CBOT.

In the year 2002, Raj Fernando decided to start Chopper Trading. As the leader of the trading firm, Raj Fernando has worked very hard to make sure that it succeeds in the modern competitive market. Chopper Trading has earned him a lot of money, making him one of the respected and wealthiest traders in the US.

Apart from being successful in his career, Raj is very active in philanthropic activities. Some of his wealth is helped to help needy people in the society. He is known for supporting several noble causes in the US, especially in Chicago, his hometown. Raj Fernando’s is also active in the country’s politics. In the past, reports indicate that he has given money to fund political campaigns. He mostly supports the Democratic Party, and he gave massive amounts of money to support Barack Obama’s campaign. Raj Fernando graduated from the Beloit College where he acquired he acquired a degree in economics and history. His knowledge in economics has helped in his career as a trader.
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