Despite Allegations by GTL Securus Continues To Improve Services

Securus Technologies Inc which is known to be a leading organization in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety, solutions, monitoring, investigation, and correction. The company recently issued revisions to GTL press release that was issued on 7th June 2016. GTL’s press release contained several statements that we find to be misleading and inaccurate. The primary purpose of the press release is to provide clarification to the GTL’s false accusations.

Some of the allegations that GTL accused us are listed below;

  1. GTL expressed their gratitude saying that PTAB determined all the innovations were patentable and GTL was now free to move back to court to` protect their technology that enables law enforcers to monitor video visits. Securus believes that despite the claims by GTL, PTAB did not conclude any of the claimed innovations patentable; instead, they said they would not evaluate the asserts.
  2. With the current decisions by the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board on GTL’s U.S patent no.7256816 authorizes GTL to go ahead with a fourth PTAB validated patent to seek order and damages that Securus caused. On the other hand in Securus, we believe that because the case in Texas Federal Court stayed, GTL is unable to move forward to seek relief for their claims in the District Court.

Securus Technologies trusts that GTL is very aware that patent cases in courts takes time and consumes millions of dollars to pursue the case and as a result, we wonder if the allegations made by GTL makes sense in regards to the well-being of their company. We in Securus will continue to protect our business from GTL’s attacks while doing all we can to respond to GTL’s recent approach.

Our Headquarters is located in Dallas Texas, and we have been serving more than 3450 law enforcement agencies, public safety, and correctional facilities. We are also responsible for providing our services to more than 12000000 inmates across Northern America. Our organization recently teamed up with Jpay to provide digitized payment, communication, education, and entertainment in correctional institutions. With the introduction electronic payment, emails, and a host of entertainment and educational apps by JPay, we will improve our services to our customers.


Making Use of Securus Prison Communication

A recent press release had several inaccuracies published to the GTL that were all about Securus, a popular Prison Communication System in the industry. Since the press release has been published, Securus has written back and corrected all of the errors that have been made so that people can get a better understanding of what this company is and what they can do for you and your family. If you are not aware of Securus, you probably do not know that it is one of the top prison Communications in the world.


The fact that this is one of the top communication systems out there, I have been using it myself in the past because a friend went to prison and I could not keep in touch with them on a routine basis in a secure and safe manner for the both of us. This is why I continually recommend Securus to people of all kinds and I feel like can truly benefit prison families who struggle to keep in touch with their loved ones. Stay up to date with Securus on


If you would like to learn more about Securus and what it can do for you, you can either ask your local prison if they have it set up as their own communication system or you can check it out online to learn more information to see if it is right for you. Not only does Securus allow for video messaging services that are safe and secure in every way possible, but you will also find that it is easier and quicker to keep in touch with a loved one who might be behind bars. There is never anything wrong with having better communication with a loved one who would otherwise be left alone for most of the day without being able to keep in touch with you and your family.


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Free Phone Calls by Securus

Over the last few decades there have been numerous articles published about the seemingly high cost of phone calls for prisoners and inmates in the United States, as well as, immigrants being detained and juvenile delinquents in detention centers. The phone calls to and from these facilities often come at a steep cost per minute making it very difficult or even impossible for many prisoners to be able to stay in touch with their lawyers and loved ones.



However, recently, Securus Technologies, one of the largest providers of communications services and other prison supplies in the Unites States, has made the news for their services in a positive way. In light of all of the flooding that has been plaguing the south as of late, the chief executive officer made the bold and generous decision to offer free phone calls in and out of the prisons for people in the affected flooding areas. This news came as a great shock to the prisoners and their families but it was certainly a welcome one.


Many people fail to think of those that are affected in this way during times of floods and other natural disasters. But Securus did not fail to remember their biggest customers. They are offering the free unlimited phone calls up until September 7th so that the prisoners will be able to check in with their families and be assured that they are doing well, without the added burned of costly calls. The communications company is estimating that the value of the free phone calls being offered will amount to at least a few hundred thousand dollars and that there will likely be more than a quarter of a million free phone calls placed during that time frame. Securus is being praised for their generous donation of calls.


I Share Securus With My Legal Clients

I have several clients come through my office every year who are in desperate need of a method for communicating with family once they go to jail. Our office often must accept plea bargains that include jail time, and I have shared the Securus technology with families who ask for help. This article gives a brief review of what Securus does for my clients and their families.

#1: Families Are Often Too Far From The Jail

I am not in control of jails my clients may be sent to after a plea is reached. I have seen clients sent to jails that are quite far away from home, and Securus helps connect their families over the duration of their prison term. I am happy to explain to anyone in the office, and I have taken phone calls on the topic in the past.

#2: Signing Up For Securus Includes Video Feeds

The video feed provided through Securus may be achieved on a tablet or smartphone. I have a tablet in smartphone in my office that client families may avail themselves of in emergencies, but I prefer to teach each family to use Securus. Their service is easy to use, and I have had nothing but success.

#3: Securus Offers Secure Lines Of Communication

Conversations are often private when clients are contacted by family, and Securus creates a secure connection that cannot be hacked. Families need not concern themselves with security, and the phone calls are maintained using the Securus network. I have never had a call drop while using the application.

I am delighted to help client families who must maintain contact during a prison term, and I share Securus as often as possible. The Securus video calling and phone call service is quite simple to use, and it has helped several clients at my firm.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.