Cotemar, the Best Company

Cotemar are a service company that is involved in the offshore oil sector contributing to the production of hydrocarbons, based on efficient processes, implemented with cutting edge technology and committed people.

Being a sustainable company with greater involvement in new business segments on the offshore oil market, worldwide, that will allow us to participate more and more in production processes, supported by a fleet of the latest generation, as well as with new and innovative methods of work.

We act in consistent, honest and ethical manner within and outside of our Organization, representing a living image of our values.

Cotemar are responsible for results of business, our people and community, with a solid orientation and commitment to the needs of our client.

Cotemar have the ability to learn and improve every day with a positive attitude based on respect, natural treatment and teamwork.

We continuously challenge our way of being and thinking generating more and better alternatives to create greater value for the customers and the organization.

Cotemar participated in the offshore oil sector contributing to the production of hydrocarbons, based on efficient processes, implemented with cutting edge technology and committed people.

At Cotemar, our collaborators comply with standard features and abilities to form the best team.

At COTEMAR we are committed to providing quality services to meet the expectations of our clients, always complying with international standards, legal and regulatory.

An obligation for all who they work in COTEMAR and any person who is in their facilities is to comply with the provisions established in environmental protection and pollution prevention.

We are a company committed to its customers, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders, also with the Government, the society and the competitors; that is why we have a code of ethics and conduct.

Cotemar serves as one of the finest examples of what it means to be a good company in Mexico.


Don Ressler Knows How Important It Is to Find the Right Business Partner

Don Ressler has been a successful entrepreneur and brand building specialist for several years now. He is mostly known for being the co-founder and co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Intelligent Beauty and many of the brand incubator platform’s subsidiaries. Together he and his good friend and business partner Adam Goldenberg have launched various startups.

Ressler sold his first startup,, in 2001 to Intermix Media, after its success caught the attention of Brett Brewer, Intermix’s founder and CEO. Brewer, impressed by Ressler, gave him a position with the company. While working at Intermix Ressler met Goldenberg. At the time Goldenberg was just a teenager, who had sold his first startup to Intermix Media. Goldenberg would later be promoted to COO, making him the youngest in publicly traded company history. The two became fast friends once they realized how similar they thought.

Together the two created Alena Media, an ecommerce performance advertising company. Alena Media soon became the only profit center Intermix possessed. It generated close to a billion in revenue. Everything was going great for the two young entrepreneurs until Intermix was acquired by News Corp in 2005. With the company under new ownership Alena Media became sidelined. Upset with how they were being treated the two decide to leave the company and search for more fruitful opportunities.

One day during a brainstorming session at Goldenberg’s house the pair settled on the idea of launching their very own brand building enterprise. Though they had never attempted to create something this large before they knew they had the skill and expertise to pull it off. Ressler and Goldenberg’s brainstorming session would give birth to Intelligent Beauty. Each of them felt Intelligent Beauty would fill a need in the fast expanding online performance advertising market.

Just like they had predicted Intelligent Beauty did just that. The brand building business gave birth to such health and beauty market leaders like DERMSTORE and SENSA. In 2010, it would give birth to its biggest commercial market leader yet, JustFab. The online subscription fashion retailer has received hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from various businesses since it was established.

Without question Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are a dynamic duo. Both of them have made a big impact on the brand building industry as two of the best to ever do it. They have set the precedence for how partners should work as a team.

Raj Fernando Success in the Trading Industry

Raj Fernando is a well-known businessman from the United States. He has done very well in his career as a trader. Several years ago, he founded a company known as Chopper Trading. His skills in trading played a huge role in the success of the enterprise, making Raj very popular. Chopper Trading has earned the businessman a lot of revenue in the past, and it has also opened several branches in the globe.

Before starting Chopper Trading, Raj Fernando had worked in various institutions. At one time, he was working with a company known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange based in Chicago. He did very well in this company, and his contributions are recognized to date. Before working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Raj Fernando was working with the Chicago Board of Trade, a respected trading institution in the country. Working in these companies gave him the experience and expertise needed to excel in trading.
Raj Fernando is also one of the most popular cash bond traders in the country. He had to work in cash bond trading companies in the past, acquiring the experience needed. He was once an employee of CBOT.

In the year 2002, Raj Fernando decided to start Chopper Trading. As the leader of the trading firm, Raj Fernando has worked very hard to make sure that it succeeds in the modern competitive market. Chopper Trading has earned him a lot of money, making him one of the respected and wealthiest traders in the US.

Apart from being successful in his career, Raj is very active in philanthropic activities. Some of his wealth is helped to help needy people in the society. He is known for supporting several noble causes in the US, especially in Chicago, his hometown. Raj Fernando’s is also active in the country’s politics. In the past, reports indicate that he has given money to fund political campaigns. He mostly supports the Democratic Party, and he gave massive amounts of money to support Barack Obama’s campaign. Raj Fernando graduated from the Beloit College where he acquired he acquired a degree in economics and history. His knowledge in economics has helped in his career as a trader.
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Entrepreneur and Executive Don Ressler



One of the leading businesspeople in the United States is Don Ressler. He is currently in the fashion industry but has also been involved in internet commerce as well. During his career Don has founded and run numerous companies that have grown into very successful businesses. Over the course of his career Don Ressler has co founded and managed a number of companies including Fitness Heaven, Alena Media, Brand Ideas and Intermix Media which is the parent company of the social media website MySpace. Therefore Don Ressler is very experienced at starting companies, building them and establishing them as some of the more successful in their respective industry.

When Ressler started his career he was involved in the consulting field. As a consultant he would provide guidance and advice to a number of companies that were looking to use the internet to their advantage. Therefore Don acquired a lot of experience in helping companies succeed with the internet. As a result of this experience Don was able to find one of the more profitable trends in business that would help make companies more successful. By using the internet to their advantage, Don realized that he could start up his own companies that use the internet to become very profitable. His expertise on using the internet would prompt him to start up his own companies and build them from scratch.

Part of what has helped make Don Ressler successful has been his abilities to generate sales and also raise capital. During his career Don has generated revenues up to $1 billion for some of his companies. He is an expert on marketing on the internet and has used this expertise to make his businesses very profitable. Ressler has proven to be very good at raising capital as he has been able to convince others to invest in his business ideas and fund their operations and expansion. With these talents Don has established himself as one of the more successful business leaders in the fashion and internet media industry.

With his experience and expertise Don has had a very successful career in business. With a background in consulting he knows what it takes to make a company successful. Along with consulting experience, Don has demonstrated the ability to generate very high sales and find ways to get funds necessary to start and expand companies. During his career he has co founded and managed several companies that have become quite successful.


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How Marc Sparks is using Spark Tank to Transform the Society

Marc Sparks, a Texas based investor, author and humanitarian has been on the forefront as far as transforming local communities is concerned. He is the brains behind Spark Tank, a unique challenge that he will use to promote social innovation.

Mr. Sparks himself is an accomplished entrepreneur and the brains behind a string of highly successful startups. He is similarly a passionate philanthropist.

Spark Tank in Brief

The idea behind this challenge is to promote sustainable social development. Spark Tank will basically be used as an avenue to assist local communities in Dallas through non-governmental organizations operating in the city.

The NGO’s will be pitted against each other in a competition. Winners will walk away with grants from the entrepreneur. Such grants will go a long way in helping the organizations run their affairs.

NGO’s that are willing to take part in the competition will be asked to give a breakdown of how they can use 5,000 dollars to fully benefit local communities. Winners will be selected basing on how creative their presentations are.

A panel of experts will analyze the presentations and thereafter, announce the winner. Three competitions have been scheduled for 2016 with the first one already concluded.

The maiden challenge saw fourteen organizations fight for the ultimate prize. The panel ultimately managed to whittle them down to three finalists.

These were Metro Relief, Dogs Matter and House of Eli. Metro Relief is an organization that benefits those who are homeless by providing them meals. Dogs Matter takes care of dogs owned by recovering alcoholics.

House of Eli on the other hand benefits boys who are leaving foster homes, by providing them with a transitional program. The panel was impressed by Dogs Matter’s presentation.

The organization carried the day. The first round of the competition proved to be quite popular. The second round promises to be more competitive.

Marc Sparks in Brief

Mr. Marc Sparks is a renowned figure in the American corporate scene. For more than four decades, he has run successful businesses in real estate, telecommunications, and the financial services industry among others.

He has particularly focused on the telecommunications industry where he has holdings in Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. At the moment, he manages Timber Creek Capital. This is a highly successful investment firm.

Sparks is similarly a notable figure in philanthropy. He has led numerous fundraisers, which have benefited tens of initiatives in Dallas. He has particularly been passionate about education. Read more: Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

He has helped youth from less privileged backgrounds to acquire high school diplomas. Mr. Sparks also supports the Samaritan Inn, an initiative whose purpose is to avail hot meals to the homeless.

He regularly dedicates his time and finances to Habitat for Humanity, an organization that build houses for the homeless.

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The Midas Legacy: For Financial and Advisory Services

Are you looking for a shortcut to success through advisory services? Are you interested in knowing how you can transform your life today? There are many ways of doing this but the best way is by looking for a professional financial services provider to help you change your fate in life. One of the places where you will get this kind of assistance is at The Midas Legacy. This is a company which has helped many people, especially those in Winter Garden, Florida, to take charge of their lives and get on the right financial track.

The Midas Legacy offers research services on areas which clients have an interested in. They also offer advisory services on a range of matters. These include financial planning and management, retirement and the benefits that come with it, as well as natural health and how you can lead a happy life. They deal with clients from all over, including investors who are seasoned, individuals who are starting out as entrepreneurs and even institutions. They are located in Winter Garden in the state of Florida.

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1 secret to more wealth & a longer lifespan

Apart from their research and advisory services, The Midas Legacy also hooks their members up with useful resource materials to help them take charge of their financial and emotional lives. One of their useful resources includes the Midas Code, which is a book that helps people know the tips and pointers to leading a happy life. It touches on various aspects of life, including the mental, emotional and overall well-being. Everyone who becomes their member is usually given a book as a bonus. The book is usually free for new members. With such a guide, you can read and apply the lessons to your normal daily life and activities and benefit from the advice without paying through your teeth.

The other service which The Midas Legacy offers is connecting service providers and experts to their members. For example, they have and operate a network of experts and contributors of products. With their expertise as well as their years of experience in the industry, the experts and contributors share their experience and knowledge to the members. They have expertise in areas such as entrepreneurship, investment and writing books.

The Midas Legacy has been recognized for their efforts in providing the best services, as advisors and researchers. However, they have also done a lot of charity work. One of their notable works includes the Give Hope Foundation, which helps families which have children suffering from cancer.

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