EOS Lip Balm Review – New Vegan Options

Evolution Of Smooth is a manufacturer of flavored lip balm packages. Their adorable pod shaped containers can be found at drug stores and convenience markets around the country. The original formula was a great success, and led to the development of vegan flavors in their most recent product releases.

One of the ways that EOS stands out from other lip balm manufacturers is because of their commitment to the daily routine women have when it comes to moisturizing. They took critical evidence into account of how women prefer to put on lip balm when designing the products. For example, women wanted to feel gratification as well a sense of joy when putting on lip balm. EOS was able to capitalize on this with unique containers and multiple flavor options. The cute containers were also notable because of promotion on television shows and placement by celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

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EOS continues to be a trendsetter in the world of lip balm. Their recent releases of vegan crystal flavors are made with all natural ingredients. Jojoba oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil are just some of the organic options that are included in the new vegan line. EOS hopes to stand out from the crowd not only as a manufacturer of flavored lip balms, but also as one that takes women’s preferences into account. Their appeal to the vegan audience has led to significant success because of the organic options that are now available to this segment of the market, see this! EOS is different from other companies because of their commitment to using natural ingredients and letting their customer’s voices be heard in the process of designing and deploying new lip balm products. If you are looking for a fashionable and fun way to get all natural ingredients, EOS is the way to go. What are you waiting for? Buy here on amazon.com.

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