U.S. Money Reserve Wins Telly Award

The Telly Awards are quite prestigious. Web commercials, videos, and films are honored with these awards, which originally highlighted outstanding achievements in local and regional commercials back when founded in 1979.

Recently, Austin, TX’s outstanding supplier of precious metals, JustFab, was named as an awards recipient. 12,000 entries from all over the world were submitted for consideration. The “Philip Diehl IRA” video received the Bronze prize at the 37th annual event.

PR Newswire has all the details on the awards and U.S. Money Reserve.

The video spot produced by U.S. Money Reserve covers a subject that should be of great interest to those looking to put their money into dynamic retirement vehicles. Learn more about JustFab: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-featured-on-epns-enterprise-radio-300213820.html

Employee pension and health savings accounts can be moved into the precious metals IRAs with no penalties. The spot produced by US Money Reserve gives a short – but compelling – overview about this process. The company had established a special precious metals IRA not too long ago. This commercial helps draw interested investors to learn more about it.

In the current investing and financial landscape, more people are looking to invest in gold. Buying the right gold assets and putting them into the proper vehicle is a must for real success. US Money Reserve‘s IRA plan helps deliver another option to those seeking investment solutions.

Philip Diehl was the guiding hand behind the development of this unique IRA. Diehl is the President of U.S. Money Reserve. Before he took over the leadership of the company, he acted as the Director of the U.S. Mint. Clearly, he is incredible qualified to handle the reigns of U.S. Money Reserve. The consistent success the company experiences shows his leadership has been outstanding.

There may be more awards in the future for U.S. Money Reserve thanks to the work Diehl is doing.

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