Academy of Arts University – Where Promising Careers Begin

Dreams came true and promising careers emerged recently at the New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2017. Academy of Arts University School of Fashion participated. This is the 21st year for the School of Fashion to acknowledge its rising stars. This art university was the first of its kind to showcase its student’s work at New York Fashion Week. During this Fashion Week, among the graduates that showed a future in fashion were the following –

Jelly Shan, MFA, from Zhejiang, China
Ryan Yu, MFA, from Liaoning, China
Cana Klebanoff, BFA, from Monmouth, New Jersey
Joanna Jadallah, MFA, from Orange County, California
Saya Shen, MFA, from Beijing, China
Carlos Rodriquez, BFA, from Clarksburg, California
Dina Marie Lam, MFA, from Los Angeles, California
Rheanna Oliver-Palanca, MFA, from Kennebunk, Maine
Eden Slezin, MFA, from San Francisco Bay Area
Hailun Zhou, MFA, Qing Dao, China

America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander along with Director of Education and Professional Development of CFDA, Sara Kozlowski, were among the guests in the audience impressed with the ideas, craftsmanship and silhouettes displayed by the future designers.

The Academy of Arts University, formerly known as the Academy of Arts, was founded in 1929 by Richard S Stephens. It is located in San Francisco, California and is the largest accredited privately owned arts university in the United States.

Among the programs offered at the Academy of Arts University are associates, bachelors and masters with 25 different fields of study. With 18,000 students and 274 faculty members, it continues to grow, promote and foster a strong educational background for its many graduates.

In addition to its highly acclaimed educational programs, the Academy of Arts University is also the home of the Academy of Arts Automobile Museum which houses 200 rare and vintage cars worth $70 million.

The Academy of Arts University has its own athletic program called the Urban Knights which consists of various sports for both men and women. Many of its athletes have participated in professional sports as well as the Olympics – Brandon Poulson, Minnesota Twins; Mobalade Ajomale, 2016 Olympics, Bronze Medal; Lindsey Yamaski, WNBA; Jamie Williams, NFL.

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Honey Birdette : The Champion of e-Business

The world is undergoing a revolution of internet-based socio-economic life. Over the last two decades, online shopping has become an inevitable aspect of the market. The growing market of e-business is reflected by the Honey Birdette’s extension of its business to the United States of America. It has recently launched its online shopping brand in the U.S. With its growing success, the brand is planning to enter the U.K in future.


Honey Birdette is a widely known name in the world of e-business, with its clientele and services spanning over different geographical regions. The famous brand, Honey Birdette, is an Australian brand that offers clothing stuff exclusively made for women such as Lingerie, Bras, Panties, Leggings, and Toys. The novel idea to establish the brand came from a promising Australian entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan, who went on to found Honey Birdette in 2006. Starting its services in Australia, the brand has entered the markets of New Zealand, Europe, and now the U.S. As its online sales in the U.S, increased by 374 percent, the brand decided to formally launch the North Atlantic leg of its business.


Honey Birdette’s rising acceptance and popularity among the online customers is the effect of the brand’s customer friendly strategies and swift and secure delivery process. The brand has a special feature of catering to its clients’ comfort level and sense of dress. It also places the needs of its customers on top priority.


Honey Birdette’s next destination is the U.K. It has already established its retail stores in the U.K, and now the brand is seeking to establish a fully-fledged e-commerce business in the country. The brand has a sizeable clientele in the U.K. The brand is also planning to install 10 retail shops in the U.K by the end of 2018. Besides its growing business in other countries, Honey Birdette is equally flourishing in its home country, Australia.

Wen By Chaz, And Amy McClure

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The Search Fixers Can Help Anyone Who Needs Online Reputation Management

Most people use the Internet as their guide when they’re looking for anything. Those who want to find a restaurant, a business, a preschool, a carpet cleaning service, and so much more will go online to look for these services, but what results are coming back when they look for these particular services? Not everyone has flattering information posted about them online, whether it’s for an individual or a business, and this is where the problem starts with reputation management. Anyone can gain a bad reputation without even knowing about it as long as the Internet exists.

A customer who had a bad day or a bad experience with a particular company can write very unflattering things about a company that can come up in every search result that someone does about that company in the future. These negative comments that are made online are then visible to everyone and may come up over and over, which can prove to be harmful to the business. Even an individual can use reputation management, especially if they’re trying to get their face out there for certain jobs. The best thing to do when there is negative information about you on the Internet is to get reputation management.

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