Success Academy Has Culturally Responsive Teaching

Conceived by Dara Greenidge a second-grade Lab site teacher and grade team leader at

Success Academy’s Prospect Heights campus Culturally Responsive Teaching promotes racial awareness among teachers and scholars. Culturally Responsive Teaching is typical of the innovative approach to education that Success Academy encourages.


As part of the curriculum, Ms. Greenidge who has been teaching at Success Academy Since 2012 shares the story of her grandmother who in 1952 was part of the “Great Migration” of African Americans hoping to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow south. The course is taught from the prospect of those who had been marginalized by racism. People whose experiences and insights would have otherwise been lost to history. Giving those individuals a voice in the Success Academy classroom helps scholars to find their own voices and to understand how the past and present effects them directly.


Faculty and scholars in Success Academy’s third-grade program created a living “wax museum”. Each scholar chose a famous African American researched that individuals biography then assumed the role of a “waxed figure” of that individual. Success Academy’s hallway served as the museum. The museum was toured by scholars families while scholars played the role of teacher.


Each week scholars in Success Academy’s second-grade program  would learn about an event relevant to the history of the black experience in America. Some of the events discussed were the slavery, the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, Reconstruction, segregation, and the Civil Rights Movement. Ms. Greenidge reports that scholars have been very receptive to Culturally Responsive Teaching.


Dara Greenidge holds a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Providence College, where she double minored in Black Studies and Sociology. From Relay Graduate School of Education, a Masters of Arts in Teaching Childhood Education and is pursuing a Masters in educational leadership.